NARS Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatross.

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NARS Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatross – £21.50.

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Let’s start off by saying that I own an awful lot of highlighters. Next to lipstick and eyeshadow palettes, it is one of my favourite make up items to buy. I am instantly drawn in to the shimmer and the glitter and I can’t resist buying another one like a little magpie. Amongst the highlighters that I own, I have to admit that I prefer a powder highlighter over cream and liquid any day of the week. I find myself reaching for NARS Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatross pretty much daily – it is my absolute favourite. Although Albatross looks pretty white in the pan, do not let that put you off as once it has been applied on to the skin, it changes to the most gorgeous golden shimmer that you will ever see. It adds an amazing sheen to your skin which is completely noticeable but also really natural and subtle. It gives your skin a bit of oomph and brightens up your entire complexion in an instant. What more could you want from a highlighter? Albatross would look great with any skin tone as it isn’t too over the top and it adds just the right amount of shimmer. I have a fair-medium skin tone but I go extremely dark when I go on holiday and this suits all colours. I do like to mix it up with my highlighters and I do use both pink toned and golden toned highlighters but theres just something about Albatross that keeps me coming back for more. Albatross is subtle enough for everyday wear but you can also build it up for a night out when you want your skin to be at it’s most flawless and glowing. It’s the ideal finishing touch to any make up routine. I appreciate that NARS products aren’t cheap by any means but the quality is always spot on and I believe it makes their products worth every penny. This highlighting blush powder is worth it’s weight in gold. It has a soft, buttery texture and the powder is lightweight and incredibly finely milled. Plus, it’s housed in the typical luxe NARS packaging that I adore so much. Boy, do I love that high end packaging?! *inserts iPhone heart eyes emoji*

Albatross, you are my holy grail highlighter!


What is your favourite highlighter? Do you have Albatross in your make up arsenal?

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