Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Powder.

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Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Powder in 00 Transparent Opale – £27.00.

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I have this fetish (yes, I’m going to call it a fetish – I like that word) with buying foundations and then buying their sister product, the powder. I don’t know why I do it but I just like to test the the range as a whole. When I purchased Clarins Ever Matte Foundation from Boots a few weeks back, I naturally purchased the compact powder as well. I decided to opt for the shade 00 Transparent Opale so that it would be perfect for blotting throughout the day without adding a build up of colour. It nicely adapts to the colour of your skin. I have been using this for the past couple of weeks, carrying it around in my Longchamp bag for touch ups in work and on the go. Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Powder is housed in a gorgeous, very luxe looking gold case with a fabulous red velvet pouch to ensure it doesn’t get damaged or end up with finger print smudges all over it. I like the way you’ve done that Clarins – very classy. When applying this powder, after I’ve applied my foundation, I much prefer to use a powder brush as the sponge provided is just far too flimsy and thin. A powder brush is much better as you can just dust the powder over your face to provide a lovely silky soft and totally matte finish. Clarins Ever Matte uses mineral pigments to mattify skin, absorb excess oil and tighten pores and I found that it worked really well with my oily/combination skin. It left my skin looking flawless and feeling velvety soft without looking cakey. You apply as much as you need to throughout the day to control shine and it won’t look cakey which is great. I do think that £27.00 is a bit pricey for what is essentially a blotting powder (even though it does make a nice setting powder too). I really do like the powder but I have a number of blotting powders that do the job just as well but for less. This is very pretty and luxurious though and it adds a nice bit of glam to my make up bag.


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