Garnier Ultimate Blends 'The Sleek Restorer'.

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Garnier Ultimate Blends ‘The Sleek Restorer’: Shampoo – £2.79 / Conditioner – £2.79 / 1 Minute Treatment – £4.49 / Oil – £9.99.

Now it isn’t very often that I go crazy over shampoo, conditioner and the likes as I’m more of a cosmetics and skincare fanatic as I’m sure you all well know. That being said, I do have a lot of praise to give to Garnier for their a Ultimate Blends range which seem to be taking the beauty blogosphere by storm. Garnier have created six different blends of hair care targeted at and tailored to different hair types and concerns. I have naturally thick, coarse and frizzy hair so I opted for ‘The Sleek Restorer’ (I quite like all the names that they’ve given each range by the way – they are like little hair care superheroes). Each of the six ultimate blends are made from trusted natural ingredients, they are all paraben free and have amazing formulas that work to suit each individual hair type. The Sleek Restorer is made with cocoa butter and coconut oil and as you can imagine, the entire range smells like heaven (or holiday?) in a bottle and the smell lingers in your hair for hours. Amazing! If I could smell my own hair all day, I would but no… Short hair problems! Cocoa butter and coconut oil are both incredibly hydrating and nourishing ingredients which really help restore your hair back to health. I have been using this hair care range now for the past week or so and I can already see a noticeable difference in my hair. It looks super shiny and sleek (obviously) whilst feeling incredibly soft and healthy. I use the 1 Minute Treatment once a week, usually on a Sunday before the working week begins again, to give my hair some extra TLC (I don’t have much of it, hair I mean, so I don’t need to use it too often) and it really works absolute wonders. I like to use the oil on damp hair after every wash but you can use it as a serum on dry hair to flatten any pesky flyaways. Whatever floats your boat. I only like to use it on damp hair as it makes my hair much more manageable when it comes to drying and straightening it. You need all the help you can get trying to style short hair, believe me. I wake up with a birds nest for a head on a daily basis. The Sleek Restorer range has been a godsend for me recently – it’s affordable, it’s accessible and it works. My hair hasn’t looked this good in a long time – I’m seriously impressed. Each of the blends come fully equipped to handle all of your hair care needs with a shampoo, a conditioner and/or a treatment, an oil or dry shampoo. What more could you want? I’m desperately wanting to try some of the other blends once I’ve finished with The Sleek Restorer. Which one shall I try next? Hmm…

The other Ultimate Blends from Garnier;
The Silky Smoother for mid-long hair with split ends.
The Shine Revitaliser for normal hair.
The Marvellous Transformer for dry, dull hair.
The Nourishing Repairer for very dry, damaged hair.
The Colour Illuminator for coloured hair.


Have you tried any of Garnier’s Ultimate Blends? If not, which one would you choose?

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