Ben Nye Luxury Loose Powder in Banana.

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Ben Nye Luxury Loose Powder in Banana – £9.95.

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I have wanted to try some Ben Nye powders for as long as I can remember but just never really got around to it until a few months back. I was online shopping for Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation when I saw it and popped it straight in to my little online basket. Come to mama! Ben Nye offer some cult micro-milled professional loose powder in an array of different shades that are loved by celebrities and make up artists alike. They are part of the Bella (light-medium skin tones) & Mojave (medium-dark skin tones) series and offer a fabulous matte finish with just a hint of colour. Kim Kardashion swears by the banana powder which is part of the Bella series and if it’s good enough for Kimmy K, it’s good enough for Erin H. You know what I’m saying? Kim Kardashian wears this powder as a highlighter and it looks gorgeous on her lovely Armenian olive skin. When I’m super tanned (and believe me I go very dark), I could probably get away with doing the same but I shall test that in October when I jet off to Greece. Watch this space! For me, this is a great setting powder which matches the yellow undertones in my skin perfectly. It not only sets my make up brilliantly but it also helps to brighten and lift my complexion. It works like a dream. I tip a tiny bit in to the lid and apply sparingly across my face with a small powder or fan brush to set my make up before I leave the house for the day. It has been a little godsend in these hotter months, working away in a very humid and very large glass building aka the giant greenhouse. Don’t get me wrong, with my oily slick skin, I still need to blot my face throughout the day but it’s becoming few and far between. You only need the smallest amount of this powder to do the job as it can look very chalky, very quickly and no one wants that – do they? No they do not so be careful folks! There is one massive and I mean massive downside to Ben Nye’s Banana Powder (and Ben Nye powders in general) and that is the packaging. Oh sweet baby Jesus THAT packaging. Let me set the scene… I unscrewed the lid and found a plastic kind of lid and me being me, I didn’t realise that I just needed to peel the plastic film off the top of the shifter. I proceeded to remove the entire plastic lid/shifter and practically ate and inhaled about a quarter of the powder. I did try with my hands at first but after a few failed attempts, I tried my teeth. School boy error! It was so gross and I was covered in the stuff as you can imagine. Everything was yellow. Even when I put the lid back on and removed the plastic film, it was still equally as messy. In hindsight (oh it’s a wonderful thing), I’d have left the plastic film on and put some little holes in it but hey ho, we live and we learn, right? It’s so difficult to control the amount of powder you get as it’s constant battle between not spilling it everywhere and only getting the tiniest bit out for fear of tipping it to far. There has to be a better way to package the stuff, surely? The Banana Powder is a great match for my skin and it does a pretty fantastic job at making sure that my face stays intact and doesn’t slide off whilst adding some much needed lustre but god damn it, I cannot cope with the packaging!


Have you tried any of Ben Nye’s Luxury Loose Powders?

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She Said Beauty

  • I would love to try this stuff especially if Kim K wears it- she always looks flawless! Shame about the packaging. I can imagine it being quite messy getting the product out! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  • I bought this a while back but just couldn’t get on with it 🙁 made my face look bright yellow! maybe I’m too pale for it haha

    • Oh really? That’s a shame! I’m quite dark skinned and it looks really nice on my skin. It makes it look brighter and healthier! Xxx

  • Love your humour 🙂

  • I have this in the shade fair and have spilt more than I’ve used, woops..

    • Same girl… I spilt it EVERYWHERE when I first opened it! It doesn’t taste very nice! Xx

  • Hiya, great review have been wanting to try this ben nye powder for ages, what website did you purchase from? Adele

    • Guru Make Up Emporium – the link is at the bottom! Xx