L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pearl Powder in Rose Boudoir.

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L’Oreal Lumi Magique Pearl Powder in Rose Boudoir – £8.99.

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I am like a little magpie drawn in to sparkly things and when I saw this in Boots, I couldn’t just walk past… Oh no! Naturally I stopped, I swatched, I placed it in to my basket and I left with it in my bag of goodies. This is L’Oreal’s first real endeavour in to the highlighting world (if I can really call it that?) and just look at how pretty it is… I absolutely adore the embossing on this powder. It is stunning. The packaging leaves a lot to be desired though, I have to admit. I’ve not tried anything from L’Oreal’s Lumi Magique range (bad blogger I know) but it’s never really been right for my skin type but I was really excited and eager to finally try something. I’ve seen other bloggers rave about them. The Lumi Magique Pearl Powder comes in two shades; Rose Boudoir and Rose Radieux. I opted for the former as it was just the right amount of shimmer against my skintone so that it was subtle, natural and not disco ball-esque. It is a skin coloured powder with some beautiful champagne highlight and a pink centre. The aim of these powders is to capture and enhance the natural radiance of your skin with the light-infused pearl powder. However I have to warn you that the top layer of shimmer is just an overspray and once that lovely shimmer has gone, it leaves behind a matte powder. I have to admit, at first I did find this a little disappointing but don’t let that put you off. I persevered with it and was really surprised at just how much I liked this powder, even without all that shimmer. I have oily skin and I love a good mattifying powder and this does mattify my skin pretty darn well but what it also does is leave behind a gorgeous healthy glow that boasts radiance and gives my skin that amazing lit from within look. It is great at adding some lustre back in to my somewhat dull and lifeless looking skin. Okay so it’s not totally a highlighting powder but so what? It does give my skin a swift kick up the backside and injects some much needed life back in to it. It is ideal for touch ups on the go and it looks incredibly natural and flawless. I have enough highlighting powders to sink a small ship but what I don’t have is something similar to this powder. I’m sold.


Have you tried any of the L’Oreal Lumi Magique range? What are your thoughts?

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