Origins Clear Improvement Mask.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask – £23.00.

Ahh yes, another day, another Origins face mask… I just can’t get enough. If you have oily skin like me that is prone to break outs then this mask is definitely for you and it’s one of the best around. Clear Improvement is an active charcoal mask which helps to clear clogged pores which in turn helps prevent those annoying breakouts. As you can see from the tube in the picture above, Clear Improvement is a very deep grey colour and it applies quite thick and slightly sticky like tar (I’m making it sound great, right?) but it soon dries on to your skin like a typical clay kinda face mask and that’s when you can really feel it going to work, unclogging those pores, drawing out those impurities and clearing your skin right up. I like to use this mask when my skin is throwing the mother of all tantrums because well, it really works – it’s amongst what I like to call the ‘skincare big guns’. You only need to leave the mask on for around 10 minutes or so once it has hardened, before removing with some warm water and a flannel/muslin cloth (whichever floats your boat). It can be a bit of a pain to remove though I have to admit, it’s like you’ve been mining, covered in black dirt but hey ho… The results are worth it, I assure you. After using this mask, my skin always feels super clean and calmed. My skin is naturally quite red and congested and this works a treat at reducing the inflammation in my skin without irritating it or drying it out. I like to use Origins Clear Improvement at least once a week (sometimes more if my skin is really misbehaving) to clear my pores and bring any under the surface spots to the forefront so that I can zap them with the Origins Super Spot Remover (another skincare big gun). This mask contains a whole host of other wonderful ingredients such as White China Clay which helps the mask to harden whilst absorbing any excess oil and pollutants and Lecithin which dissolves and removes any impurities. I always notice massive improvements in my skins appearance and texture after I’ve used this face mask. It feels smoother and less grainy whilst looking noticeably less red and definitely much clearer. This is definitely a must have for the oily skinned ladies in need of a little help every now and again. When it comes to face masks – Origins really have got it down!

Is Origins Clear Improvement in your skincare arsenal?


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She Said Beauty

  • I love this mask, its deffo one of my go to’s for bad skin days.

    tasha xx

  • I lovelovelove this mask so much! Especially that it doesn’t make my skin feel tight or anything!

  • I’ve always wanted to try this, so I’m hoping there will be a Christmas gift set this year with it in haha xx

    Gemma |

    • It’s amazing Gemma, you’d love it!! It’s one of my favourite masks ever! Xx

  • This sounds so good! I’ve got a charcoal Quick Fix mask which is okay, but nothing special. Sounds like this is the real deal!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    • I really like the Quick Fix mask – it smells lovely too! This one is much better though, it’s thicker and it works really well! It’s one of my favourite masks ever! X