Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette – £56.00.



Ahh, take a look at this absolute beauty guys… It feels like I have been waiting an eternity for Hourglass to release the blush counterpart to their incredible Ambient Lighting Palette and it was definitely worth the wait. I checked Space.NK regularly until one day it finally popped up on the ‘new in’ section and I got straight to pre-ordering and within a week or so, it had arrived on my doorstep. I unwrapped it and literally stared at it’s beauty for a good few minutes. I am a massive fan of Hourglass and their chic, luxurious and high quality products. Their Ambient Lighting Blush and Powders are amongst some of my favourite beauty products to use – they just transform your skin and leave it looking radiant and flawless. This palette houses three gorgeous blusher shades marbled with some of Hourglass’ much coveted Ambient Lighting Powders to add the perfect amount of colour whilst also adding a fabulous soft focus glow allowing your skin to look lit from within. I really enjoy the concept of these products – a blusher/highlighter hybrid. I already own Diffused Heat and I adore it and reach for it almost daily. Essentially, the idea behind these products is that you can get the colour and the highlight you require in one foul swoop. However, you can add a little more highlight if you prefer as for some it can be a little too subtle. The blushers individually retail at £28.00 each and are a tad bigger than the ones you get within this palette but for £56.00, you get to try three different shades including a limited edition shade ‘Incandescent Electra’ which makes it a perfect product if you can’t settle on a shade out of the permanent range. Similarly to it’s predecessor, the Ambient Lighting Blush Palette has a stunning bronzed metallic case with a mirror inside but let’s have a little look at the shades, shall we?


L-R: Luminous Flush, Incandescent Electra, Mood Exposure.

Luminous Flush – a champagne rose blush infused with luminous light.
Incandescent Light – a cool peach blush infused with incandescent light.
Mood Exposure – a plum blush infused with mood light.

Luckily, I happen to like all of the shades within the palette and they’re all right up my street. As you can see on the swatches, all of the shades appear to look quite peach-toned but lighter and darker variations of peach. I chalk that down to the colour of my skin though to be completely honest as it is quite yellow-toned. I’ve seen swatches on different skin tones and they appear to look quite different. I was initially really wary of Mood Exposure when I first opened the palette but I need not have worried as it transfers beautifully on to the skin and is nowhere near as terrifying as it looks in the palette. They’re all very wearable and very beautiful. I do find that the formula of the Ambient Lighting Blusher can be a little hit and miss as they have a tendency to kick up quite a lot of chalk when you swirl your brush around but they do blend out wonderfully on the skin with a very soft finish and a subtle yet noticeable glow. Once you get used to them, you’ll fall head over heels in love. I know I have. Each blush has fantastic staying power and although they are slightly on the sheer side upon first application, they are nicely pigmented and can be built up quite easily for a bolder look.

This palette is a limited edition product. Did you manage to get your hands on it?


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She Said Beauty

  • Oh my, isn’t it lovely? Xx

  • Ah, that looks beautiful and the shades seem like they would work on almost everyone! I can’t wait for you to post FOTDs wearing them. ❤️

  • That is so pretty <3 please do some FOTDs using it as I want to see it in action and how you use it 😀

    Dannie x http://www.famousinjapan.co.uk

  • anoushkaloves

    I’m going against the grain here but I didn’t get this as I didn’t particularly feel that wowed about it. I already have one of the blushes and although it is lovely, I’m not reaching for it daily anymore. I’m on the fence!

    Anoushka xx http://www.Anoushkaloves.com

    • Really? I still use Diffused Heat nearly everyday and I adore these shades! I’m loving the palette! I guess it can’t be for everyone, eh? X

  • Ahh, you’re really making me want to buy this! I already have Luminous Flush, so that’s what stopped me from buying it when it first came out, but… ooh… maybe… I should just get it anyway..?

    Sarah xo
    Diary of a Beauty Padawan

    • I think you should just get it anyway… Why the hell not? Christmas is coming! It’s so beautiful! X