Vichy Idealia Eyes.

Vichy Idealia Eyes* – £23.00.


After the massive success of Vichy’s Idealia Life Serum (which I absolutely love by the way), Vichy have released a sister product specifically designed to brighten and illuminate the under eye area. Welcome Vichy’s Idealia Eyes – a lightweight, illuminating and hydrating under eye cream to wake up even the most tired of eyes. Similar to the Life Serum, Idealia Eyes has that gorgeous pearlescent shine to it that instantly gives your skin an instant injection of life and a wonderful lit from within glow. Now I don’t know about you but when it comes to my under eye area, I need all the help I can get. Tired eyes? Yes. Gigantic black bin bags hanging underneath my eyes? Yes. I only strike a tiny bit of luck in the fact that I don’t have any puffiness. Hallelujah! When it comes to eye cream, I need a pretty heavy duty one and luckily for me, this is a pretty good one so thank you Vichy. The formula is lovely – a fantastic combination of vitamin B, vitamin C, DRM-bright complex, caffeine and of course, Vichy’s very own Thermal Spring Water. I love how most of my favourite eye creams contain caffeine – nothing quite like it to wake you up eh? All these ingredients aim to brighten your eyes, helping you to look much more awake as well as energising and soothing some seriously tired eyes. This is the perfect eye cream for those dreaded early mornings before work, nothing works quite like it. It leaves a gorgeous glow to your skin and helps with applying your concealer – no creasing here thank you. This brings me on to my favourite part of the product – the applicator. Sad I know but it’s great. The applicator is a spatula-esque shape made from silicone and it has a little hole on one side which the Idealia Eyes cream out from. It allows easy, no fuss, no mess, application – you simply squeeze the tube and drag the spatula under the eye and gently pat it under the eye until it’s absorbed. Ta-dah! It has a great texture that just settles in to the skin with ease giving instant results. I’ve been using Vichy’s Idealia Eyes as my eye cream of choice for the past 2-3 months now and I have seen a vast improvement in my appearance in the mornings. I look much more alive, well rested and my eyes are definitely looking brighter. Now I appreciate that £23.00 is quite steep for a 15ml eye cream but to put it simply, it works. What more can you want? It’s worth every penny to kiss goodbye to those dark, dull, tired eyes.


Have you tired any of Vichy’s Idealia range? What are your thoughts?

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