Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation in Shade 3 – £32.00.

I know that I am a little bit late to the party with this one and I have read endless rave reviews of how amazing this product is but it was never really for me until recently. A few months back I was prescribed a delightful drug by my dermatologist called Roaccutane (gasp) and it changed my horrendously oily face in to something that I can only imagine feels the Sahara Desert. No, that isn’t an exaggeration – all of the moisture GONE. My normal go to foundations became really heavy on my skin and they irritated me beyond belief so I had to swap out my heavy duty bases for something that was lightweight, hydrating and sheer… This is where Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder Foundation came in and took over the show. A lot of people whilst on Roaccutane choose not to wear any make up whatsoever during their treatment, I am most definitely NOT of those people. When I first put this foundation on my face, I was actually quite stunned. It felt incredible on my skin, it was hydrating whilst adding a very subtle yet gorgeous glow. The Light Wonder Foundation was created to hydrate, illuminate and perfect your natural skin and it does just that. I was really surprised that I liked it as much as I did as it is miles away from what I am used to. It adds a wonderful lit from within glow, whilst creating a nice flawless yet totally natural base. If anyone knows about glow, it is Charlotte Tilbury – the Queen of the glow! I found that the best way of applying this foundation was initially using my fingers to really work it in to my skin, and then using a buffing brush over the top to get a little more coverage. You only need a pea sized amount as a little really goes a long way with this foundation. I definitely don’t think that this is a foundation for the oilier skin types out there but it is a definite winner for normal-dry skin. It has certainly bought my sad, dry, dull looking skin back to life and it wears really comfortably on my skin, adding just the right amount of coverage. I’d definitely recommend heading to a Charlotte Tilbury counter and getting a sample for yourself if you can. I am shade ‘3 fair’ and it is a perfect match.

What are your favourite Charlotte Tilbury products?

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