Lipstick Loveliness of the Week – MAC Spirit.

MAC Cosmetics Satin Lipstick in Spirit – £15.50.


I know what you’re probably thinking and yes, I know that I own a hell of a lot of pink/brown lipsticks but I just can’t get enough. They are life. Spirit is described by MAC Cosmetics as a ‘muted pink-beige brown’ with a Satin finish and boy, it’s a beauty. It is quite a sheer lip colour and it needs a good two or three layers before it shows as completely opaque but once it does, it’s such a stunning shade. It is one of my absolute favourite everyday lipsticks that I wear to work and it is always at the front of my lipstick stash – it’s just so damn pretty. When looking at swatches of this lipstick, before I took the plunge and purchased it myself, I noticed how differently it looks on a lot of different peoples lips. On some it appears more pinky but on mine, it definitely appears more brown, and I love it. Spirit applies smoothly and easily – it just glides effortlessly across the lips. It is a fabulous colour for most skintones, however I imagine it would make darker skintones look quite washed out (zombie-like – you know the look I mean, right?) I found that Spirit wore well and incredibly comfortably for around four hours.

Is Spirit one to add to your collection?

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  • *buys immediately*

  • Fab post, this is such a beautiful shade 🙂
    Lottie xx