NYX Wonder Stick.

NYX Wonder Stick – £10.00.


Well would you look at what we have here then, eh? I’ve been lusting after NYX’s Wonder Stick for quite some time after watching tutorials on YouTube and perusing make up artist’s instagrams. It is a very clever piece of make up and something a complete contour novice like myself can use. I have never really been able to master the art of contouring sadly, and I was always a bit hesitant of paying a lot of money for a contour kit that I have absolutely no idea of how to use. The NYX Wonder Stick retails at only £10.00 (a total bargain in my opinion) and it is the easiest thing in the world to use. Ultimately the Wonder Stick is a dual ended highlight and contour stick that comes in four different shades – light, medium, dark and universal – there is something for every skin colour and tone. The aim of this product is too add depth, warmth and luminosity to the skin. I like the fact that the instructions on how to use this product (accompanied by pictures of vegas_nay using it) are on the side of the box to guide you through each step of contouring and highlighting. It’s a great point of reference!

Step 1 – Apply highlight to cheekbones, middle of forehead, under eyes, down centre of nose, on the brow bone and along the jaw line.

Step 2 – Apply contour to top of forehead, along hairline, under the cheekbones, down both sides of the nose and underneath the jaw line.

Step 3 – BLEND!

I opted for the light shade in the Wonder Stick and the highlighting shade is a very pale and subtle champagne colour so I wouldn’t recommend using it under the eyes like a concealer, it doesn’t work as a concealer – the pigmentation isn’t there. However I can’t speak for the darker shades. The contour shade in the stick is perfect for my skintone – it is subtle yet noticeable and not too dark/pale. I have to admit that I actually adore the concept of this product and it is ideal for beginners like me. Each stick allows you to get precise application. The consistency of the product is quite waxy so you need to be quite heavy handed with it or go over it a few times to get the colour that you require. I use a beauty blender once all the lines have been drawn on my face to blend it all together. The end result is actually quite impressive. I didn’t even know my round little pea head would suit a bit of contouring but alas, it does. I may even enter the contour palette realms soon, who knows?!

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What do you think of the Wonder Stick from NYX?

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