Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep.

Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep – £26.50.


I am a massive fan of the Vichy Idealia range, I really love how it boosts my skins radiance whilst keeping it nicely moisturised. I’ve been using the serum and moisturisers for as long as I can remember, and when I saw that Vichy had released Skin Sleep – a night time gel balm hybrid – I knew I had to add it to my skincare stash. I wanted to get it as part of one of Escentual’s amazing offers but it was sold out. I did wait impatiently for a while but it didn’t seem to come back in stock for a few weeks so I caved and purchased it at Boots. What is Skin Sleep I hear you ask? Well, essentially it is a night cream that has the aim of making you look like you’ve had a restful and decent nights sleep when you wake up. We could all do with a bit of that, couldn’t we? I know I could. What is a decent nights sleep these days? I think I’ve forgotten… I have been applying Vichy’s Skin Sleep as the last step in my bed time skin routine for the past month or so and I feel that I am ready to finally share my thoughts. 

My skin is naturally quite oily but it is massively dehydrated as well so before I go to bed, I like to slather my face in a nice but heavy duty night cream to sort my skin out overnight. Skin Sleep has quite a thick texture and you only need the smallest amount as it goes a really long way. If you use too much, you will have a nice greasy film across your face when you wake up (yes I learnt this the hard way) – less is more. I found that the balm absorbed really well in to my skin and I was left with wonderfully hydrated, smooth and supple skin when I woke up. Did I look like I’d had a restful nights sleep? Well yes, actually, I guess I did. It did reduce signs of fatigue that I am used to when I wake up usually and my skin did look quite fresh and dare I say it – radiant. Your skin goes through a cycle of regeneration during the night which can often leave your skin looking a bit dull and lacklustre. Skin Sleep is packed full of wonderful ingredients to aid your skins regeneration process but ensure that your skin is at its optimum, and in its best possible condition. It contains hyaluronic acid to help maintain moisture and rehydrate the skin, LHA to gently exfoliate the skin, dipotassium glycyrrtizate which has anti-inflammatory properties, and caffeine – your skins very own wake up call. All these ingredients are combined to leave you looking fresh faced, bright eyed, and busy tailed. Vichy have housed this wonderful gel-balm in a gorgeous dark pink metallic jar that fits perfectly with the rest of the Idealia range. Also keeping with the rest of the range, Vichy’s Skin Sleep has the same scent that you associate with all of the other sister products. It is a very pleasant scent but it can be quite overpowering a bit too much. In my opinion, it could do with a bit of watering down but hey, it’s not a bad smell so that’s something I guess.

If you like the other products in the Idealia range then you’ll love this. It is a great little product for trying to cheat the world in to believing you actually get a decent nights sleep. My skin has definitely been reaping the benefits, it looks much healthier than normal. 

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  • Emily Knott

    I use Pai Oil overnight – it’s incredible! I’ve only ever tried a few bits from Vichy and absolutely love their serum.

    Emily xo