Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep – £26.50.


I am a massive fan of the Vichy Idealia range, I really love how it boosts my skins radiance whilst keeping it nicely moisturised. I’ve been using the serum and moisturisers for as long as I can remember, and when I saw that Vichy had released Skin Sleep – a night time gel balm hybrid – I knew I had to add it to my skincare stash. I wanted to get it as part of one of Escentual’s amazing offers but it was sold out. I did wait impatiently for a while but it didn’t seem to come back in stock for a few weeks so I caved and purchased it at Boots. What is Skin Sleep I hear you ask? Well, essentially it is a night cream that has the aim of making you look like you’ve had a restful and decent nights sleep when you wake up. We could all do with a bit of that, couldn’t we? I know I could. What is a decent nights sleep these days? I think I’ve forgotten… I have been applying Vichy’s Skin Sleep as the last step in my bed time skin routine for the past month or so and I feel that I am ready to finally share my thoughts. 

My skin is naturally quite oily but it is massively dehydrated as well so before I go to bed, I like to slather my face in a nice but heavy duty night cream to sort my skin out overnight. Skin Sleep has quite a thick texture and you only need the smallest amount as it goes a really long way. If you use too much, you will have a nice greasy film across your face when you wake up (yes I learnt this the hard way) – less is more. I found that the balm absorbed really well in to my skin and I was left with wonderfully hydrated, smooth and supple skin when I woke up. Did I look like I’d had a restful nights sleep? Well yes, actually, I guess I did. It did reduce signs of fatigue that I am used to when I wake up usually and my skin did look quite fresh and dare I say it – radiant. Your skin goes through a cycle of regeneration during the night which can often leave your skin looking a bit dull and lacklustre. Skin Sleep is packed full of wonderful ingredients to aid your skins regeneration process but ensure that your skin is at its optimum, and in its best possible condition. It contains hyaluronic acid to help maintain moisture and rehydrate the skin, LHA to gently exfoliate the skin, dipotassium glycyrrtizate which has anti-inflammatory properties, and caffeine – your skins very own wake up call. All these ingredients are combined to leave you looking fresh faced, bright eyed, and busy tailed. Vichy have housed this wonderful gel-balm in a gorgeous dark pink metallic jar that fits perfectly with the rest of the Idealia range. Also keeping with the rest of the range, Vichy’s Skin Sleep has the same scent that you associate with all of the other sister products. It is a very pleasant scent but it can be quite overpowering a bit too much. In my opinion, it could do with a bit of watering down but hey, it’s not a bad smell so that’s something I guess.

If you like the other products in the Idealia range then you’ll love this. It is a great little product for trying to cheat the world in to believing you actually get a decent nights sleep. My skin has definitely been reaping the benefits, it looks much healthier than normal. 

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Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – £36.50.

I can’t actually believe how long it has taken me to finally purchase this foundation. It has been in my wishlist for as long as I can remember but I just never got around to buying it until now. I have read countless reviews on this foundation, mostly positive, and I just had to try it and give my thoughts on it. Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation is an extremely natural looking, silky soft and lightweight fluid foundation. What made me really want to purchase this foundation is Amrezy. I mean c’mon… She is such make up goals, no? Her skin always looks absolutely flawless and I need that kinda flawless-ness in my life. Y’know what I mean? If it’s good enough for Amrezy, it’s good enough for me. The Luminous Silk Foundation is oil free (oily skinned girls – can I get a hell yeah?) and the finish is a kind of soft focus, demi-matte dream. It is a beautiful middle ground between matte and dewy and I bloody love it. I have to admit that I was a little weary of what to expect from this foundation finish wise but I was very pleasantly surprised. I have incredibly oily skin and I try to avoid foundations with a dewy finish because y’know, shiny grease ball face but I also don’t want a foundation that will make my skin look too flat. I found that this foundation held up quite well throughout the day, even on my skin. I did have to do some damage control throughout the day with some blotting but that’s too be expected with my skin and most foundations I use/have used. It’s just the way of life for me. I found that the foundation sat really comfortably on my skin, it was incredibly lightweight and it covered my skins redness and any imperfections with ease. Impressed? I’d say so! I’ve tried to apply this foundation in a few different ways to see what works best and after trying a brush, my fingers, and a beauty blender, the results are in… the winner is *drumroll please* – a stippling brush or expert face brush. I usually apply my foundation with a beauty blender but the finish just wasn’t quite right, it didn’t do the foundation justice in my opinion. 

Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation is housed inside a lovely frosted glass bottle (you know how I love the frosted glass, right?) and it has, wait for it… A PUMP. I almost did a little squeal of excitement. YES, I get excited over foundations that have a pump. Who doesn’t? It’s such a simple little thing but so many brands overlook it. We love the pump yo! I only need one pump of this bad boy to cover my entire face, two if I’m having a particularly bad skin day. The formula is quite watery and it builds up wonderfully. It doesn’t contain any SPF whatsoever which makes it ideal for photographs – NO FLASHBACK (no ghost face) – but you will need to layer your skincare beforehand and ensure you have some decent SPF in your moisturiser/primer. We need to look after the skin y’all! The Luminous Silk Foundation comes in a massive variety of shades – 21 in total – there is literally something for everyone. I opted for shade 5 which is a great match for my skin. There are .5 shades incorporated in to the range as well which I found quite interesting. Again, something for everyone. I am enjoying using this foundation a lot, particularly on the clearer skin days, as it makes my skin look near perfect. I can’t wait to see how it fairs next month when I’m back on Roaccutane and my skin is drier. As far as combination/oily skin goes, it’s done a pretty good job. I can imagine this foundation being a great base for most skin types. I think it definitely deserves a place in my top five foundations. 

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What are your thoughts on the Luminous Silk Foundation?

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MAC Cosmetics Amplified Lipstick in Cosmo – £15.50.


It’s been a few weeks since I have shared one of my favourite lipsticks with you all and I’m back this week with a goodun… Cosmo from MAC Cosmetics. Cosmo is described as a ‘brownish-pink‘ and it is very similar to Twig (which I have reviewed here) but Cosmo leans more towards the pinker side of things, and Twig is slightly more brown. The finishes of the two lipsticks are poles apart but colour wise they are very similar. Cosmo has an amplified creme finish and applies extremely creamy and it leaves a nice glossy sheen to the lips. Cosmo is one of those shades that will suit every skin tone – it a lovely light to medium pink shade that is perfect for everyday wear. It is quite natural but nicely noticeable without being completely over the top. It’s one of my favourite work wear lipsticks. I tend to avoid pink lipsticks as they tend to wash me out BUT I can’t get enough of the pink-brown shades lately – they are dark enough to avoid me looking like a zombie, but still have that gorgeous pink tinge. Like most MAC lipsticks, Cosmo is intensely pigmented and glides across the lips completely opaque. I found that Cosmo wore well for a good few hours but I noticed that the glossy sheen wore off quite quickly, however it did leave the colour behind in a lovely stain. Cosmo is definitely one of my favourite lipsticks from MAC – the colour and formula is right up my street!

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What are your favourite pink lipsticks from MAC?

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bareMinerals Mineral Veil – £21.00.


If there is one thing I rely heavily on as an oily skinned lass it is a good setting powder, something to hold my face and make up together. Something to keep everything intact y’know? I have tried a number of different setting powders in the past and most of them have done a fairly good job (namely Vichy’s Dermablend Setting Powder and By Terry’s Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder) but they’ve not been ‘perfect’. I was doing the rounds, reading up on some of my favourite blogs a week or so ago, and I came across this powder on Helen’s blog – she absolutely raved about it. Whilst I was in my local beauty salon having a good old pamper, I spotted Mineral Veil amongst the bareMineral’s stock and I remembered that post. Naturally, I purchased it and it came home with me. Mineral Veil is a very finely milled powder that minimises lines, absorbs oil, softens the complexion and provides a flawless and completely weightless finish. The powder itself is completely translucent and great for oily skin. It leaves a gorgeous, soft and airbrushed finish to your skin that has a very subtle and natural glow. I have only used this powder around a handful of times and I can already say that it is without doubt the best finishing powder I have tried so far (and I have tried a lot). The packaging is pretty basic, a standard clear plastic pot with a black lid and inside is a sifter with a plug. Yes, a plug. That tiny little addition of a plug makes it perfect for travelling – no powder getting everywhere, covering everything – ideal. It also means that you won’t be wasting any product. I apply this by tipping a small amount of the mineral powder in to the lid, I then swirl a brush around the lid to collect the powder, tap off any excess, and then swipe it all over my face. What I really adore about bareMineral’s Mineral Veil is that the skin looks natural, yet luminous and not remotely cakey. I find a lot of finishing powders can really make my skin look flat and dull but not this one. No sir’ee! I’ve used this in a variety of settings so far – work, shopping, nights out – and it really has come up trumps on all occasions. It has certainly pro-longed the life of my make up and kept some of that pesky shine at bay. It’s a hit!

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What are your favourite finishing/setting powders?

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NYX Wonder Stick – £10.00.


Well would you look at what we have here then, eh? I’ve been lusting after NYX’s Wonder Stick for quite some time after watching tutorials on YouTube and perusing make up artist’s instagrams. It is a very clever piece of make up and something a complete contour novice like myself can use. I have never really been able to master the art of contouring sadly, and I was always a bit hesitant of paying a lot of money for a contour kit that I have absolutely no idea of how to use. The NYX Wonder Stick retails at only £10.00 (a total bargain in my opinion) and it is the easiest thing in the world to use. Ultimately the Wonder Stick is a dual ended highlight and contour stick that comes in four different shades – light, medium, dark and universal – there is something for every skin colour and tone. The aim of this product is too add depth, warmth and luminosity to the skin. I like the fact that the instructions on how to use this product (accompanied by pictures of vegas_nay using it) are on the side of the box to guide you through each step of contouring and highlighting. It’s a great point of reference!

Step 1 – Apply highlight to cheekbones, middle of forehead, under eyes, down centre of nose, on the brow bone and along the jaw line.

Step 2 – Apply contour to top of forehead, along hairline, under the cheekbones, down both sides of the nose and underneath the jaw line.

Step 3 – BLEND!

I opted for the light shade in the Wonder Stick and the highlighting shade is a very pale and subtle champagne colour so I wouldn’t recommend using it under the eyes like a concealer, it doesn’t work as a concealer – the pigmentation isn’t there. However I can’t speak for the darker shades. The contour shade in the stick is perfect for my skintone – it is subtle yet noticeable and not too dark/pale. I have to admit that I actually adore the concept of this product and it is ideal for beginners like me. Each stick allows you to get precise application. The consistency of the product is quite waxy so you need to be quite heavy handed with it or go over it a few times to get the colour that you require. I use a beauty blender once all the lines have been drawn on my face to blend it all together. The end result is actually quite impressive. I didn’t even know my round little pea head would suit a bit of contouring but alas, it does. I may even enter the contour palette realms soon, who knows?!

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What do you think of the Wonder Stick from NYX?

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