Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer – £29.50 for 15ml.

I’ve read countless rave reviews on this concealer from Amazing Cosmetics, some bloggers have even gone as far as to label it with holy grail status. Now if that doesn’t make you sit up and pay attention, nothing will… Right? Amazing Concealer boasts intense pigmentation and incredibly high coverage to cover dark circles, dark spots, blemishes, you name it. Now when Amazing Cosmetics said that this was a full coverage concealer, they meant FULL coverage. I liken this concealer to Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer as it is incredibly pigmented, offers intense coverage and it takes some practise to really get the best from this product. You really need to work it in and blend like a mother. The texture of the Amazing Concealer is a bit of a weird one, it has quite a hard consistency – similar to an emollient. I think that is why it can become so difficult to blend and work with. I have to admit that this concealer does take a lot of your skincare woes in its stride – blemishes? No problem. Dark circles? No problem. It covers absolutely everything. Over the past week or so, I have been playing around with the Amazing Concealer to see which way is best to use it. Now you only need the smallest amount so bare that in mind if you do want to use it, it is that pigmented that the tiniest bit really goes a long LONG way. I first tried using the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer as an under eye concealer but that failed quite miserably. I found that the concealer settled in to fine lines and creases under my eyes – making my under eye area look very dry and patchy. This is not a good look. As a spot concealer though, this stuff really comes in to its own. It makes incredibly short work of any spots and blemishes – a little bit of this stuff and boom, the spots are gone. You can’t see any remnants of a spot ever being there. A word to the wise… Blend. You will need to blend the living day lights out of this stuff. I will be using this concealer in a very similar way to the Sensual Skin Enhancer – as a spot concealer. However if I had to choose between the two of them, Kevyn Aucoin comes up trumps. I do think that £29.50 for 15ml is a little excessive as the packaging is pretty basic (a squeezy tube?) but the concealer will last an incredibly long time. Swings and roundabouts I guess. It is a decent concealer but not worthy of all the hype in my opinion, and certainly not HG material.

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What are your thoughts on the Amazing Concealer?

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Dior Forever Foundation – £33.00.

Believe it or not, I have never tried any foundation from Dior. I always see their foundations plastered all over some of my favourite blogs and whilst I was shopping recently, I thought I’d treat myself. Why the hell not eh? I went to Twitter to see which foundation would be best as I was torn between getting Dior’s Forever foundation or their Star foundation. In the end I actually ended up buying both. Forever offers shine control and pore minimising qualities which are exactly the type of things I look for in a foundation, especially with having oily skin. However I will be restarting my Roaccutane treatment in March so I think that’s when I’ll get the most use from Dior’s Star foundation so watch this space for that review.

Dior’s Forever Foundation is pretty special. I fell head over heels in love with the finish, it offers a velvety soft, semi-matte almost satin finish which just leaves your skin looking perfect. I found that it made my skin look absolutely flawless and definitely minimised the appearance of my quite large and open pores. It offers a medium to full coverage that doesn’t look remotely cakey – it covered imperfections with ease and hid my naturally red and congested skin with no problems whatsoever. This is definitely an oily skinned girls dream I tell you! It blends seamlessly in to the skin like a dream. For a full coverage foundation, it feels incredibly lightweight and comfortable on the skin. It mattified the areas that desperately needed it (t-zone, nose, etc) without leaving my skin looking flat and lacklustre. I have been applying this with an expert face brush but once applied, I have been going over it with a beauty blender to add a subtle airbrushed effect to my skin. OH MY DAYS, it looks amazing. As for staying power, I found that it held up really really well, especially considering I work in a huge and incredibly air conditioned office. I did have to blot throughout the day but not half as much as I normally would do with other foundations. It definitely has some decent staying power. One thing I have to add with this foundation is that it oxidises (noooooo) and it will settle a shade darker than the one you originally bought so I’d definitely recommend going a shade lighter to compensate for that. I purchased the shade 020 light beige which was a perfect match for my skin but once I left the house, it had settled to a slightly darker shade. Luckily it wasn’t too bad – it was salvageable. Next time however, I will definitely get a shade lighter. We live and we learn, hey? As for the packaging, well, Dior don’t really get it wrong – do they? The Forever Foundation is housed inside a pretty, tall frosted glass bottle. If there is one thing that I love, it is foundations that come in frosted glass bottles. Dior’s Forever Foundation contains a very high SPF of 35 but luckily, you don’t get any god awful flashback on photographs – yes, I did test it. Research, y’know? With the SPF being so high, you need to make sure that this stuff is scrubbed off your face properly – micellar solution and wipes won’t cut the mustard I’m afraid. I’m taking pre-cleanse, double cleanse, triple cleanse to remove this stuff.

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What is your favourite foundation by Dior?

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 Collection Primed & Ready Primers – £4.99 each.

Collection are certainly upping the stakes in the drugstore game and making themselves known. With some of their more recent releases, it feels like they’ve entered a room full of people, filled with confidence and announced ‘WE’RE HERE’. I find that a lot of Collection’s products are pretty darn good and super affordable. I mean c’mon, most beauty bloggers adore the concealer – it’s earned cult status. When I was mooching around Boots, as I do, and I saw the new Primed & Ready range, I just had to get some of them. Being an oily skinned lass, I am forever on the look out for primers, especially ones that don’t break the bank. Collection have released four brand spanking new primers – two for illuminating, one for mattifying and another specifically for increasing the longevity of your eye make up. I only picked up two of the primers and I was lucky to get that. The Collection shelves in my local Boots looked like they had been completely ransacked. I think that’s a sign of something good, yes? I would’ve picked up the eyeshadow primer had it been available but I guess that’s one on the list for next time. I purchased the Reviving & Anti-Fatigue Illuminating Primer and the Mattifying Pore Minimising Primer and at £4.99 each, they’re an absolute steal in my opinion.

The Reviving & Anti-Fatigue Illuminating Primer comes in two different shades; Cool Rose and Warm Apricot. It’s nice to see a drugstore brand catering for both cool and warm skintones. I’m very impressed by the fact that they are offering a variety for consumers to pick from – well done Collection. My skin tends to lean more towards the warm side with slightly yellow undertones so I picked up Warm Apricot – a gold tinged shade. I put this primer to the test on a recent night out and I was suitably impressed, I have to admit. It has a lovely gel like consistency that applies to the skin like a dream, and it adds a really subtle yet noticeable lit from within glow which isn’t too over the top or glittery. It is incredibly natural looking which I love. It felt very lightweight on my skin and it absorbed quickly leaving no annoying tack or stick. My make up applied really well over it and it did a good job on the staying power front also – my make up lasted pretty much all night, I think I only had to blot once. My skin and make up looked absolutely flawless.

The Mattifying Pore Minimiser is also a lovely gel based primer but with an entirely different end game to the illuminating primer. This one aims to keep the skin matte by controlling excess oil and blurring large pores. I was a bit apprehensive about this primer but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. I tend to avoid primers that contain silicones as they really don’t work on my skin, despite being great for most oily skinned ladies. They tend to leave my skin looking patchy and my make up just slides right off. I do enjoy how my skin feels (at first) when using primers that contain silicones as they leave your skin feeling velvety soft and smooth, it’s bloody lovely I tell you. What intrigued me most about primer was the introduction of Witch Hazel, a well known ingredient in a lot of spot prevention and spot treatment products. It great to see a primer that contains an ingredient to help promote clear skin. I have to admit that as much as I dislike silicone based primers, this is one of the better ones I’ve tried and probably the cheapest too. It feels a little creamier and more gel like than others I’ve used in the past and I found my make up stayed put and didn’t separate as others have done. Similarly to the illuminating primer, my make up applied great over this primer. At only £4.99, I can’t really say a bad thing about it.

I’ve actually rather enjoyed mixing the two primers together… The results are pretty good – try it!

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Have you tried any of the new Primed & Ready Primers yet?

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Another month goes by, another day spent in the beauty salon, and another shellac manicure… 

I wasn’t really sure what to go for this month, I kind of wanted to go for paler shade this month but then I thought seeing as we’re entering February (and still in Winter may I add) I’d better stick with the darker nails. It’s just so weather appropriate with all the darkness outside, y’know? I opted for ‘Indigo Frock‘ which is a dark blue-grey and naturally I wanted something a bit brighter for my accent nail so I opted for a glittery gold mixed with a glittery bronze-gold over the top. The colours used on the accent nail were in the form of ‘Locket Love‘ (the first bright gold layer) and ‘Steel Gaze‘ (a bronze-gold-grey hybrid that was applied over the top of the gold). This was the end result and I love them.
What colour nails have you been sporting this Winter?

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Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation – £29.00.

I can’t even begin to tell you just how happy I am that Debenhams now stock Make Up For Ever. I remember a few years back when I wanted to try the original formula of the HD foundation that it took me what felt like a year to track down. Now MUFE are just one click of a button away from me. Happy days! Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Foundation is an innovative formula that was created to ensure that your skin looks as flawless as possible, especially on camera. Make Up For Ever had to reformulate the original foundation to move with the times. In this day and age (yes, I did just say that and yes, I am aware of how old that makes me sound), cameras/filming equipment are forever changing and with that comes higher definition and more and more pixels. What does this mean? Well, it means that every single one of your flaws will show up in all it’s glory on the big screen, and no one wants that, do they? Hell no! It was created to tackle and withstand the bright and harsh lights of the camera. Make Up For Ever are keeping with the times and with that comes the new Ultra HD foundation.

The formula itself is set to give you a natural and flawless looking finish which boosts your skins radiance, blurs imperfections, and softens fine lines. The coverage is fantastic – medium to full – it is easily buildable without looking remotely cakey or like your base has been troweled on. It absorbs quickly and wears pretty damn comfortably. I have quite oily skin naturally and I have to admit that this foundation performed quite well on all fronts. My skin looked radiant without looking shiny and it had some decent staying power. I did have to do some blotting damage control after a few hours but that’s to be expected with my skin. I have tried to apply this foundation in two different ways to see which gave me the best results by using a beauty blender and stippling brush. I personally prefer the brush as it gives my oily skin more a soft, air-brushed finish and I really like it. I find that using a beauty blender really highlighted some of the large open pores on my cheeks – not a good look. I really enjoyed the original Make Up For Ever formula but it is safe to say that I definitely enjoy this one more, it feels lighter, slightly more fluid and I much prefer the finish. I like how it’s evolved to move with the times and the ever changing world of technology – it is very clever and I think other brands could take a leaf out of Make Up For Ever’s book. The packaging is very similar to it’s predecessor – it comes in a 30ml plastic cylindrical bottle with a black plastic lid and pump. The only real difference to the packaging is the introduction to a silver ring underneath the lid. In terms of shade range, well, I’ve never known a variety quite like it – you’ll definitely find the one for your skin. I use the shade 120 in the original HD formula which is now Y245. If you go on to the American website, you can see the new Ultra HD counterpart to the original foundation shade – thanks MUFE. That is a very handy tool indeed.

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Have you tried the Ultra HD Foundation yet?

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