Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer – £29.50 for 15ml.

I’ve read countless rave reviews on this concealer from Amazing Cosmetics, some bloggers have even gone as far as to label it with holy grail status. Now if that doesn’t make you sit up and pay attention, nothing will… Right? Amazing Concealer boasts intense pigmentation and incredibly high coverage to cover dark circles, dark spots, blemishes, you name it. Now when Amazing Cosmetics said that this was a full coverage concealer, they meant FULL coverage. I liken this concealer to Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer as it is incredibly pigmented, offers intense coverage and it takes some practise to really get the best from this product. You really need to work it in and blend like a mother. The texture of the Amazing Concealer is a bit of a weird one, it has quite a hard consistency – similar to an emollient. I think that is why it can become so difficult to blend and work with. I have to admit that this concealer does take a lot of your skincare woes in its stride – blemishes? No problem. Dark circles? No problem. It covers absolutely everything. Over the past week or so, I have been playing around with the Amazing Concealer to see which way is best to use it. Now you only need the smallest amount so bare that in mind if you do want to use it, it is that pigmented that the tiniest bit really goes a long LONG way. I first tried using the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer as an under eye concealer but that failed quite miserably. I found that the concealer settled in to fine lines and creases under my eyes – making my under eye area look very dry and patchy. This is not a good look. As a spot concealer though, this stuff really comes in to its own. It makes incredibly short work of any spots and blemishes – a little bit of this stuff and boom, the spots are gone. You can’t see any remnants of a spot ever being there. A word to the wise… Blend. You will need to blend the living day lights out of this stuff. I will be using this concealer in a very similar way to the Sensual Skin Enhancer – as a spot concealer. However if I had to choose between the two of them, Kevyn Aucoin comes up trumps. I do think that £29.50 for 15ml is a little excessive as the packaging is pretty basic (a squeezy tube?) but the concealer will last an incredibly long time. Swings and roundabouts I guess. It is a decent concealer but not worthy of all the hype in my opinion, and certainly not HG material.

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What are your thoughts on the Amazing Concealer?

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