So yesterday whilst I was sat writing up some blog posts for next week, I decided that it would be a nice gesture to host a big ‘welcome back’ giveaway. I have been absent from the blogosphere for a little over six months and I want to give something back to my loyal readers for sticking by me during this time, and for welcoming me back with open arms. Thank you – you lovely supportive bunch!

Here’s what is up for grabs;

1. 50ml YSL Black Opium EDP.

2. A MAC Cosmetics lipstick of your choice.

3. An Urban Decay Naked Palette of your choice.

*This is an international giveaway and entrants must be 18+ to enter or get permission from a parent/guardian if younger. Any entries from Money Supermarket or any other sites similar to this will be excluded. All entries will be checked and verified by myself and a winner will be picked at random using Rafflecopter. It ends at midnight on 13th December.*

Good luck!

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Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette – £52.00.


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you will know that I am obsessed with all of retailers that come in to my work to flog their goods. Fragrance Direct and Yankee Candle frequently come in to my work and I am forever purchasing perfumes and candles in abundance, and just recently House of Fraser have been added to the roster for Bobbi Brown, and they have decided to set up camp in my work place as well. Honestly, I spend my wages as soon as I get them (and in work no less – what?!) The last time House of Fraser popped in and set up shop in the foyer, I spent at least half of my lunch break or more swatching wild and deciding what to spend some of my hard earned cash on. Naturally I had to purchase something, I am a beauty blogger after all and I can’t be walking away empty handed. That would be sacrilege. As soon as I set eyes on the latest limited edition Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette, it was love at first sight – a super cute, metallic navy, faux leather, soft touch compact with a magnetic close – filled with eight pans of rich, gorgeous, neutral brown/grey toned eyeshadows that are perfect for a natural yet sophisticated every day look. If there is one thing that I adore, it is the colour greige – who doesn’t? That fabulous mixture of grey and brown is just divine and they are the ideal shades to make my bright blue peepers pop. I also like the incorporation of the darker shade in the palette as well, it allows you to quickly change that every day neutral eye in to a darker sultry, smoky eye for a night on the tiles. The palette itself is tiny and compact, ideal for travel – it literally takes up minimal space in your make up bag and you would hardly notice that it was there.

Top row L-R: Ivory Eyeshadow, Brown Haze Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Twinkle Sparkle Eyeshadow & Slate Eyeshadow. Bottom row L-R: Greystone Eyeshadow, Earth Metal Sparkle Eye Shadow, Greige Eyeshadow & Fog Eyeshadow.

As you can see from the swatches above, the Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette is mostly made up of matte shades with two shimmer shades and a metallic shade to help create a number of different looks. I personally like to give my eyelids a quick once over with the Slate shade, whilst using the Ivory shade to highlight my brow bone. I then use Twinkle to add some sparkle to the inner corners of my eyes and then I use the Greige shade to emphasise the crease of my eye. Lastly, I go over my eyelids with the Brown Haze Shimmer to complete the look. Over the past few weeks this has been my go to palette for everyday wear as it’s subtle yet noticeable and it really makes my eyes look fabulous. A word of warning; the shimmer shades have a lot of fall out which I realised after going to work with a face resembling a glitter ball. I would highly recommend some tape under the eyes and to pat the shimmer on with your finger – you’ve been warned. Okay? I found the quality of the eyeshadows to be really good, silky soft and with a decent colour payout. The shades are generally quite subtle (the above image is a fairly heavy swatch) which makes the palette ideal for work and everyday wear creating a clean, crisp eye but they are definitely buildable and easy to blend to give a bit more oomph, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Whatever floats your boat y’know. With the Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette retailing at £52.00, it is quite expensive especially for the size of it which means that this palette won’t be to everyones taste and/or budget but I happen to really like it and I have been reaching for it daily. I’m certainly getting my moneys worth I tell you. The shades are extremely flattering and would cater to all skintones. The stunning shimmer shades make it a great palette for the festive season as well – I’m definitely starting to get my shimmer on. Gimme all the glitter!

What are your thoughts on the Bobbi Brown Greige Palette?

SHOP Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette at House of Fraser.

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette – £65.00.


When it comes to palettes, no beauty brand does it quite like Hourglass with that stunning, luxe, shiny metallic outer casing filled to the brim with pans of glowy looking gorgeousness and a huge compact mirror. I mean c’mon, just look it.. Holy mother of mercy – it is a thing of true beauty. As soon as this bad boy appeared on Space.NK’s website, it was ‘straight in my basket’ moment (and yes that was said like that guy on YouTube, going down the food aisles of supermarkets). Despite having both the Ambient Lighting Palette AND the Ambient Lighting Blush Palette, I still had to get my little paws on this little number, well just because. It is just too damn pretty and it needed to be in my collection immediately. Hourglass always seem to create the most amazingly dreamy and indulgent products that it makes them incredibly hard to resist, even if most of the shades inside are repromotes, you know it will end up amongst your beauty stash. The Ambient Lighting Edit Palette is definitely the biggest of the bunch thus far, holding six pans inside instead of the usual three – three highlighting shades, two blushers and one bronzer, and at £65.00, it really isn’t a bad buy considering the average Hourglass palette retails at £56.00. Now don’t get me wrong, the pans inside this palette are a little smaller but I find that with most Hourglass products, less is more and after months (probably even years now) of having the other palettes, I’ve barely even made a dent in them and they still look as good as new.

From L-R: Dim Light (a neutral peach beige that blurs imperfections and highlights), Iridescent Strobe Light (a soft pink pearl that gives a refined glow to the complexion), Diffused Light (a soft, warm, pale yellow that conceals redness and gives skin clarity), Mood Exposure (a soft plum blush fused with mood light to brighten the complexion), Luminous Flush (a champagne rose blush fused with luminous light to evoke a candelit glimmer) & Luminous Bronze Light (a medium tan shade fused with luminous light for a softer, candelit warmth).

As you can see above, and as I mentioned earlier, a lot of the shades are repromoted from existing shades and palettes but that sure as hell didn’t stop me from buying it and I know it won’t stop a lot of you beauty junkies out there either. One of the shades in the Ambient Lighting Edit Palette is a limited edition shade and that is Iridescent Strobe Light and boy, that looks insanely good on top of my cheek bones and along my brow bone. It is a shade of highlight that I would instantly be drawn to in any beauty store so I’m pretty happy about that and I do love a good limited edition shade. This palette brings the beauty of the two other standalone palettes and binds them together to bring something that is, well pretty special in my opinion. It holds all of your make up needs inside its golden case to provide you with that fabulous, lit from within glow. The ambient lighting shades can be used to set your make up and add a stunning luminous glow to your skin, the ambient lighting blush adds gorgeous depth and colour to your skin and lastly, it’s the bronzer swooping in to add that little bit of warmth. You can use everything in this palette either alone or together. It’s truly magnificent and I think I’m in love.

At £65.00, I think the Ambient Lighting Edit Palette is an absolute steal and it will be all over my face throughout this festive season. The powders are finely milled and just glide over the skin effortlessly leaving behind a trail of shimmer in all the right places, creating an absolutely flawless looking face. The one thing you can always guarantee with Hourglass is the quality of their products, it is second to none, and although they can be on the more expensive side, you really do get what you pay for! 

Merry early Christmas, Erin. To you, love from you.

Have you ordered the Hourglass Ambient Edit Palette yet? If not, head on over to Space.NK to get yours now!

SHOP Hourglass Cosmetics at Space.NK.

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Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub* – £11.95.

I am a little bit slow on the uptake with this one as I have seen a number of rave reviews flying around the blogosphere over the months and I’ve read that it is a skincare saviour, ready to battle all of our skincare woes. This coffee scrub is set to tackle many skincare problems from eczema to psoriasis to acne and even stretchmarks. Sign me up! I have been trialling this brown paper bag of wonder and goodness for the past few months and I believe that I am ready to give my ten pence worth. Frank Body kindly sent me their original coffee scrub and luckily, I adore the smell of coffee but if you don’t, you can order Coconut, Cacoa or Peppermint. Something for everyone and they all sound lush.

This coffee scrub is a completely natural product containing ingredients such as; coffee (obviously), sweet almond oil, water, salt, brown sugar, orange oil, vitamin e and natural fragrance. I have been using it as an all over body exfoliator, including my face. I find the best and least messy (and boy, this stuff is MESSY I might add) way of applying this coffee scrub is by wetting your entire body in the shower, turning the shower off and then rubbing around two handfuls of the scrub all over my entire body. I then leave it for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off. It is rather abrasive in texture so I would strongly recommend using light circular motions to get the circulation going and to help exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells. I have been using the Frank Body scrub twice a week for quite some time now and my skin has become so unbelievably smooth and the skin on my face, which is prone to breakouts, is a lot smoother than before. I’d mark those down as two major successes for Frank Body’s Original Coffee Scrub. However, the stretchmarks didn’t really disappear or reduce so I’m not sold on those claims unfortunately. 

The packaging I quite  like, a very original yet simple brown paper bag with another plastic bag inside which closes by a zip lock and houses 200g of dry coffee scrub. It does need to be stored in a dry place which means carting it back and forth from my room whenever I need to use it which isn’t ideal but hey ho. I would definitely repurchase this and try the other scrubs as it has done wonders for my skin – it’s smoother, less red and congested and definitely clearer. The only major downside is the mess, it creates A LOT of mess and wastage but it works really well and we can’t have it all now, can we? I have to give Frank Body a big pat on the back for their marketing skills – I love their quirkiness and they have great (and slightly risque) sense of humour.


Have you tried any products from Frank Body?

*PR Sample.


The latest instalment in the monthly manicure series is this beauty that I had done in my local salon at the beginning of April. It is one of my favourite shellac colours for sure. This gorgeous vibrant blue shade with a stunning iridescent shine is called ‘Lost Labyrinth’ and it is bloomin’ fabulous. I’ve never had so many compliments on my nails than when I’ve been wearing this shade. It is perfect for Spring – it’s bright, it’s noticeable and it makes my hands look super tanned. As I always do, I opted for some glitter on the accent nail in a matching shade. I love it. 

What do you think of this month’s manicure?