NYX Wonder Stick – £10.00.


Well would you look at what we have here then, eh? I’ve been lusting after NYX’s Wonder Stick for quite some time after watching tutorials on YouTube and perusing make up artist’s instagrams. It is a very clever piece of make up and something a complete contour novice like myself can use. I have never really been able to master the art of contouring sadly, and I was always a bit hesitant of paying a lot of money for a contour kit that I have absolutely no idea of how to use. The NYX Wonder Stick retails at only £10.00 (a total bargain in my opinion) and it is the easiest thing in the world to use. Ultimately the Wonder Stick is a dual ended highlight and contour stick that comes in four different shades – light, medium, dark and universal – there is something for every skin colour and tone. The aim of this product is too add depth, warmth and luminosity to the skin. I like the fact that the instructions on how to use this product (accompanied by pictures of vegas_nay using it) are on the side of the box to guide you through each step of contouring and highlighting. It’s a great point of reference!

Step 1 – Apply highlight to cheekbones, middle of forehead, under eyes, down centre of nose, on the brow bone and along the jaw line.

Step 2 – Apply contour to top of forehead, along hairline, under the cheekbones, down both sides of the nose and underneath the jaw line.

Step 3 – BLEND!

I opted for the light shade in the Wonder Stick and the highlighting shade is a very pale and subtle champagne colour so I wouldn’t recommend using it under the eyes like a concealer, it doesn’t work as a concealer – the pigmentation isn’t there. However I can’t speak for the darker shades. The contour shade in the stick is perfect for my skintone – it is subtle yet noticeable and not too dark/pale. I have to admit that I actually adore the concept of this product and it is ideal for beginners like me. Each stick allows you to get precise application. The consistency of the product is quite waxy so you need to be quite heavy handed with it or go over it a few times to get the colour that you require. I use a beauty blender once all the lines have been drawn on my face to blend it all together. The end result is actually quite impressive. I didn’t even know my round little pea head would suit a bit of contouring but alas, it does. I may even enter the contour palette realms soon, who knows?!

SHOP NYX at Boots.

What do you think of the Wonder Stick from NYX?

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Seeing as it is the 1st December I thought that I would share my Christmas wishlist with you all… Why the hell not eh?

  1. Urban Decay x Gwen Palette (£40.00, here) – Gwen Stefani is about as cool as they come, no? I have loved her since the days of No Doubt and all the way through her budding solo career. She had been working with Urban Decay to create a palette that is filled with a gorgeous range of neutrals and a few intense jewel shades to really help mix things up. Gwen had a hand in everything from the shades to the packaging with subtle nods to her time with No Doubt included. It’s a beauty, right? I hope it comes back in stock soon – I need it in my life. 
  2. Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette (£43.00, here)- Yes, another Urban Decay palette in the wishlist. Vice 4 contains twenty never seen before brightly coloured jewel eyeshadow shades to play around with. I absolutely adore the Vice palettes as they allow you to get really creative with colour. I absolutely adored the Vice 3 palette and I know I’m going to love this one too when I finally get my mitts on it. The quality and pigmentation is second to none.
  3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter in Starlight (£28.00, here) – As soon as I placed an order for the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighers in So Hollywood and Peach Nectar, I instantly regretted not adding Starlight to my basket. It is a wonderful white champagne gold that highlights your complexion in all the right places. I adore the pigmentation and finish on the two shades that I already had and Starlight will be a welcomed addition to the highlighting ranks. The highlighters are really generous in size and the art deco embossing is to die for. Swoon.
  4. Giorgio Armani Si (£47.00-£92.00, here) – I am a sucker for perfume, I buy endless bottles that I really struggle to get through BUT I couldn’t have a wishlist without including some kind of fragrance – could I? Si has been out for quite some time now but I only got around to having a sniff of it just recently whilst Christmas shopping in Boots. I instantly fell in love – it is right up my street. It has beautiful floral top notes with subtle base notes that are quite woody (cassis, jasmine, amber, vanilla – to name a few of the ingredients). 
  5. Arctic Gold GHD Straighteners (£119.00, here) – I have had my current GHD’s for coming on eight years and that is one hell of a long time to have a pair of straighteners, don’t you think? GHD have released endless stylers over the years in gorgeous colours with fantastic designs but none have caught my eye quite like the new arctic gold styler. It’s about time that I upgraded my straighteners and what better time? It’s Christmas and well, look how pretty they are. It’s love!

The Olympus PEN E-PL7 was at the very top of my Christmas list this year but I managed to get it in the Black Friday sale at Currys/PC World for £299.00. What a bargain?! I just couldn’t wait until after Christmas and at that price, I just had to get it. It was worth traveling to two different stores in the North West to try and track it down. I managed to get the last one in White/Silver from the Warrington store. 

What is at the top of your Christmas list this year?

Have you entered my ‘welcome back’ giveaway? You can enter HERE.

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette – £65.00.


When it comes to palettes, no beauty brand does it quite like Hourglass with that stunning, luxe, shiny metallic outer casing filled to the brim with pans of glowy looking gorgeousness and a huge compact mirror. I mean c’mon, just look it.. Holy mother of mercy – it is a thing of true beauty. As soon as this bad boy appeared on Space.NK’s website, it was ‘straight in my basket’ moment (and yes that was said like that guy on YouTube, going down the food aisles of supermarkets). Despite having both the Ambient Lighting Palette AND the Ambient Lighting Blush Palette, I still had to get my little paws on this little number, well just because. It is just too damn pretty and it needed to be in my collection immediately. Hourglass always seem to create the most amazingly dreamy and indulgent products that it makes them incredibly hard to resist, even if most of the shades inside are repromotes, you know it will end up amongst your beauty stash. The Ambient Lighting Edit Palette is definitely the biggest of the bunch thus far, holding six pans inside instead of the usual three – three highlighting shades, two blushers and one bronzer, and at £65.00, it really isn’t a bad buy considering the average Hourglass palette retails at £56.00. Now don’t get me wrong, the pans inside this palette are a little smaller but I find that with most Hourglass products, less is more and after months (probably even years now) of having the other palettes, I’ve barely even made a dent in them and they still look as good as new.

From L-R: Dim Light (a neutral peach beige that blurs imperfections and highlights), Iridescent Strobe Light (a soft pink pearl that gives a refined glow to the complexion), Diffused Light (a soft, warm, pale yellow that conceals redness and gives skin clarity), Mood Exposure (a soft plum blush fused with mood light to brighten the complexion), Luminous Flush (a champagne rose blush fused with luminous light to evoke a candelit glimmer) & Luminous Bronze Light (a medium tan shade fused with luminous light for a softer, candelit warmth).

As you can see above, and as I mentioned earlier, a lot of the shades are repromoted from existing shades and palettes but that sure as hell didn’t stop me from buying it and I know it won’t stop a lot of you beauty junkies out there either. One of the shades in the Ambient Lighting Edit Palette is a limited edition shade and that is Iridescent Strobe Light and boy, that looks insanely good on top of my cheek bones and along my brow bone. It is a shade of highlight that I would instantly be drawn to in any beauty store so I’m pretty happy about that and I do love a good limited edition shade. This palette brings the beauty of the two other standalone palettes and binds them together to bring something that is, well pretty special in my opinion. It holds all of your make up needs inside its golden case to provide you with that fabulous, lit from within glow. The ambient lighting shades can be used to set your make up and add a stunning luminous glow to your skin, the ambient lighting blush adds gorgeous depth and colour to your skin and lastly, it’s the bronzer swooping in to add that little bit of warmth. You can use everything in this palette either alone or together. It’s truly magnificent and I think I’m in love.

At £65.00, I think the Ambient Lighting Edit Palette is an absolute steal and it will be all over my face throughout this festive season. The powders are finely milled and just glide over the skin effortlessly leaving behind a trail of shimmer in all the right places, creating an absolutely flawless looking face. The one thing you can always guarantee with Hourglass is the quality of their products, it is second to none, and although they can be on the more expensive side, you really do get what you pay for! 

Merry early Christmas, Erin. To you, love from you.

Have you ordered the Hourglass Ambient Edit Palette yet? If not, head on over to Space.NK to get yours now!

SHOP Hourglass Cosmetics at Space.NK.

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BECCA Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé in Watermelon/Moonstone – £22.00.


Just recently I seem to have plunged face first in to an epic love affair with BECCA Cosmetics and I can’t see it ending any time soon. The love affair began when I tried the amazing BECCA Ever-Matte Primer (my new HG primer by the way – sorry Laura Mercier) and has since continued in to the realms of blusher and highlight. Whilst perusing Space.NK (as you do, every day – just me?), I stumbled upon the BECCA Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflés and I instantly knew that I had to have Watermelon/Moonstone in my make up stash – it had my name plastered all over it. It is described as a “coral red infused with pale gold” and it is exactly that. It is blush/highlight hybrid, adding the coral red colour of the BECCA Beach Tint in Watermelon whilst adding the pale gold highlight of the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone to create a gorgeous pop of colour (yes I did just say one of those annoying beauty blogger buzz words but it was appropriate) and a lit from within glow. Watermelon/Moonstone has really warm undertones that really compliment my yellow-ish skin and the colour is so dreamy – it is right up my street. I am a sucker for the corals and reds when it comes to blusher – they are very ‘Erin’. This air-whipped mousse to powder formula offers a completely opaque colour upon application that can be blended out more sheer or built up for a bolder look. I prefer to apply this with my fingers so that I can catch the right amount of colour/highlight before blending it out with a brush. BECCA Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflés are similar to Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in the make up of the product and the idea behind them BUT the texture of both products are poles apart. The Shimmer Soufflés have a super creamy formula that is wet to touch but quickly turns in to powder once it comes in to contact with the skin making it incredibly easy to work with. This stuff is heaven sent I tell you and I have been using it every day since it landed on my door step. It really transforms your skin, giving it a gorgeous healthy glow with just the right amount of colour. It has been ideal for Summer and I will be taking this on holiday with me in two weeks as it is totally water resistant. Yes, you read that right – water resistant. Show me the way to the pool… I think it is also going to be a pretty safe bet for Winter too. I mean c’mon, who wants dull and lackustre looking skin throughout Winter? Not I.


There are five other shades to choose from and I assure you that you need at least one in your beauty arsenal.

Fig/Opal – Nude infused with golden opal.
Lychee/Opal -Bubblegum pink infused with golden opal.
Guava/Moonstone – Coral infused with pale gold.
Papaya/Topaz – Bright tangerine red infused with golden bronze.
Raspberry/Opal – Raspberry infused with golden opal.

Each of the blush/highlight combinations have the most divine scent that matches their fruity name. They smell amazing. I am already eyeing up my next purchase…


Have you tried BECCA Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflés?

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L’Oreal Lumi Magique Pearl Powder in Rose Boudoir – £8.99.

20140803-071842 pm-69522454.jpg

20140803-071856 pm-69536174.jpg

20140803-071905 pm-69545798.jpg

I am like a little magpie drawn in to sparkly things and when I saw this in Boots, I couldn’t just walk past… Oh no! Naturally I stopped, I swatched, I placed it in to my basket and I left with it in my bag of goodies. This is L’Oreal’s first real endeavour in to the highlighting world (if I can really call it that?) and just look at how pretty it is… I absolutely adore the embossing on this powder. It is stunning. The packaging leaves a lot to be desired though, I have to admit. I’ve not tried anything from L’Oreal’s Lumi Magique range (bad blogger I know) but it’s never really been right for my skin type but I was really excited and eager to finally try something. I’ve seen other bloggers rave about them. The Lumi Magique Pearl Powder comes in two shades; Rose Boudoir and Rose Radieux. I opted for the former as it was just the right amount of shimmer against my skintone so that it was subtle, natural and not disco ball-esque. It is a skin coloured powder with some beautiful champagne highlight and a pink centre. The aim of these powders is to capture and enhance the natural radiance of your skin with the light-infused pearl powder. However I have to warn you that the top layer of shimmer is just an overspray and once that lovely shimmer has gone, it leaves behind a matte powder. I have to admit, at first I did find this a little disappointing but don’t let that put you off. I persevered with it and was really surprised at just how much I liked this powder, even without all that shimmer. I have oily skin and I love a good mattifying powder and this does mattify my skin pretty darn well but what it also does is leave behind a gorgeous healthy glow that boasts radiance and gives my skin that amazing lit from within look. It is great at adding some lustre back in to my somewhat dull and lifeless looking skin. Okay so it’s not totally a highlighting powder but so what? It does give my skin a swift kick up the backside and injects some much needed life back in to it. It is ideal for touch ups on the go and it looks incredibly natural and flawless. I have enough highlighting powders to sink a small ship but what I don’t have is something similar to this powder. I’m sold.


Have you tried any of the L’Oreal Lumi Magique range? What are your thoughts?

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