MAC Cosmetics Amplified Lipstick in Cosmo – £15.50.


It’s been a few weeks since I have shared one of my favourite lipsticks with you all and I’m back this week with a goodun… Cosmo from MAC Cosmetics. Cosmo is described as a ‘brownish-pink‘ and it is very similar to Twig (which I have reviewed here) but Cosmo leans more towards the pinker side of things, and Twig is slightly more brown. The finishes of the two lipsticks are poles apart but colour wise they are very similar. Cosmo has an amplified creme finish and applies extremely creamy and it leaves a nice glossy sheen to the lips. Cosmo is one of those shades that will suit every skin tone – it a lovely light to medium pink shade that is perfect for everyday wear. It is quite natural but nicely noticeable without being completely over the top. It’s one of my favourite work wear lipsticks. I tend to avoid pink lipsticks as they tend to wash me out BUT I can’t get enough of the pink-brown shades lately – they are dark enough to avoid me looking like a zombie, but still have that gorgeous pink tinge. Like most MAC lipsticks, Cosmo is intensely pigmented and glides across the lips completely opaque. I found that Cosmo wore well for a good few hours but I noticed that the glossy sheen wore off quite quickly, however it did leave the colour behind in a lovely stain. Cosmo is definitely one of my favourite lipsticks from MAC – the colour and formula is right up my street!

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What are your favourite pink lipsticks from MAC?

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MAC Cosmetics Satin Lipstick in Spirit – £15.50.


I know what you’re probably thinking and yes, I know that I own a hell of a lot of pink/brown lipsticks but I just can’t get enough. They are life. Spirit is described by MAC Cosmetics as a ‘muted pink-beige brown’ with a Satin finish and boy, it’s a beauty. It is quite a sheer lip colour and it needs a good two or three layers before it shows as completely opaque but once it does, it’s such a stunning shade. It is one of my absolute favourite everyday lipsticks that I wear to work and it is always at the front of my lipstick stash – it’s just so damn pretty. When looking at swatches of this lipstick, before I took the plunge and purchased it myself, I noticed how differently it looks on a lot of different peoples lips. On some it appears more pinky but on mine, it definitely appears more brown, and I love it. Spirit applies smoothly and easily – it just glides effortlessly across the lips. It is a fabulous colour for most skintones, however I imagine it would make darker skintones look quite washed out (zombie-like – you know the look I mean, right?) I found that Spirit wore well and incredibly comfortably for around four hours.

Is Spirit one to add to your collection?

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MAC Cosmetics Satin Lipstick in Brave – £15.50.


I can’t believe I haven’t posted and reviewed this lipstick sooner as it is one that I reach for quite regularly, and I have done for quite some time now. Brave is described by MAC Cosmetics as a ‘pink beige with white pearl’ and it is such a gorgeous lip shade that is ideal for everyday wear. I wear it religiously over MAC Cosmetic’s Soar lip pencil, it is such a match made in heaven let me tell you. Now although MAC mention ‘white pearl’ in the lipstick description, I wouldn’t let that put you off as it isn’t remotely frosty or metallic – it just adds a bit of depth and dimension to the colour to stop it from looking flat. In my opinion Brave is a medium cool pink with the slightest tinge of brown coming through and it will look fabulous against most skin tones. I’m not overly fond of the satin formula from MAC as it can be a little drying so I’d definitely recommend some decent prep with some lip scrub and a slick of lip balm. It is super pigmented, applies completely opaque in one foul swoop with a little sheen and it is a great neutral shade for every day wear. I found that Brave wore really well for around 3-4 hours so it has some decent staying power.

Is Brave in your lipstick stash?

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MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Von Teese – £17.00.


Another fabulous MAC Cosmetics collaboration hit their website this week… I’ve been a bit underwhelmed with a few of their collaborations of late but this one has certainly restored my faith. MAC have paired up with the gorgeous, sultry and seductive burlesque superstar, Dita Von Teese to celebrate the launch of her new book “Your Beauty Mark”. Obviously the colour had to be a wonderfully vibrant red to match Dita’s signature red lip. It really couldn’t have been anything else. Von Teese is described by MAC as a ‘vivid red for a seductive spirit’ and it is just that – I was instantly sold. You can’t have too many red lipsticks in your stash, can you? Who doesn’t love a classic red lip? I know I do. The lipstick comes in the standard black bullet but with a difference. It has Dita’s signature emblazoned on the bullet as well as being embossed on to the lipstick itself (think MAC Riri Woo). Von Teese is super pigmented and applies completely opaque with no tug or pull. It offers a matte finish (my favourite) but it isn’t overly matte to the point of being overly drying. It wears really comfortably. I took it for a test drive last night whilst I was out eating with my mother and it wore really well for a good few hours. I think this is going to be the red that I reach for throughout the Christmas period.

What do you think of the MAC X Dita collab?

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Keep an eye on the website for more stock. In true MAC style, this sold out the day that it was released.

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MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks – £15.50 each.


Last week I shared my fragrance favourites for this time of year and now I’m going to share my lipstick favourites with you all. Lucky you, hey? It is all about the dark reds, deep berries, burnt oranges and intense purples at this time of year – the more vampy, the better in my opinion. Give me ALL the vamp. I’ve raided by ever growing MAC Cosmetics lipstick stash and I have pulled out a few of my absolute must haves for the Autumn and Winter period. There is a little something for everyone.

From left to right:

Diva – an intense reddish burgundy with a matte finish. (Full review here).

Chili – a brownish orangey red with a matte finish. (Full review here).

Dubonnet – a deepened claret with an amplified creme finish. (Full review here).

Heroine – a bright violet purple with a matte finish. (Full review here).

Dark Side – a deep cool burgundy with an amplified creme finish. (Full review here).

Rebel – a deep plum berry with a satin finish. (Full review here).

Hang-Up – a deep reddened berry with a cremesheen finish. (Full review here).

Smoked Purple – a deep eggplant purple with a matte finish. (Full review here).

Cyber – a dark reddened purple with a satin finish.

I have reviewed most of these lipsticks in full in my ‘Lipstick Loveliness of the Week’ posts so you can read the full posts by clicking the link next to the colour description. You can also see lip swatches there too. Enjoy!

What are your favourite A/W lipsticks?

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