Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in Shade 3 – £29.50.

Have you ever purchased an item of make up and when it’s arrived, and you’re ready to rip through the packaging, angels start singing? Well basically this happened when I received the Magic Foundation from Charlotte Tilbury a few months ago. Who doesn’t love Charlotte Tilbury? Swoon! After putting this foundation through its paces in recent months, I finally feel that I am ready to give my 10 pence worth on it. This foundation was years in the making but practice makes perfect and Charlotte Tilbury wasn’t ready to reveal and release the Magic Foundation until it was just right and she was happy with it. If you’re going to put your name to a product then you want to make sure that the product is perfect – right? Charlotte’s Magic Foundation is a full coverage base with a matte finish which is designed to cover a whole host of skincare woes – redness, acne, scarring, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. I personally suffer quite badly with redness across my cheeks and nose and I am prone to oily skin so I do like to invest in a really good, high coverage, matte foundation and the Magic Foundation ticked all of those boxes and then some. It also contains a wide variety of popular skincare ingredients that help moisturise the skin, shrink large pores, have anti-ageing properties, brighten and rejuvinate the skin as well as being a foundation. You name it, Charlotte’s thought of it. I found that this foundation applied like an absolute dream on my skin, it left my complexion looking flawless and velvety soft. As it is a full coverage foundation, it does set quickly and may require some working in to the skin so work quickly. I got the best results using a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and then going over it lightly with a damp beauty blender to smooth out any imperfections. The finish was more demi-matte than fully matte for me and I definitely much preferred that. I find that some completely matte foundations can leave the skin looking a little flat but not this one I tell you. I don’t really rely on a heavy, full coverage base for everyday wear (nods to Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder for that job), it’s more for a night out or a weekend base for me because of the longevity and the incredible coverage. It covers my redness with ease and keeps any god awful oil at bay. I can definitely see why the Magic Foundation was years in the making as Charlotte has put so much thought in to it. She has catered to a wide variety of different skin tones and colours whilst thinking of almost every imperfection someone’s skin can possibly have and including the necessary ingredients to combat them. This is what sets the Magic Foundation apart from a lot of other foundations available today. It is a gorgeous base that offers beautiful results. If you are looking for a matte, full coverage foundation that gives you a flawless canvas to apply the rest of your make up on to, then this is totally for you. It has become my go – to foundation for a night on the tiles. I opted for Shade 3 (I am also Shade 3 in Light Wonder for reference) and it is a perfect match.

Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation? Do you prefer it to Light Wonder?

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Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundations in 52 and 53 – £9.99. 

L’Oreal True Match Foundation in N1.5 and N2 – £9.99.

Recently I have found that drugstore foundations have really upped their game and they are slowly closing the gap between the quality of the high end foundations, and I love that. I also love that they are a lot cheaper too, who wouldn’t want to save a few pennies? There are two drugstore foundations that I have really come to love and reach for regularly and that is these two; Bourjois Healthy Mix and L’Oreal True Match. My skin has drastically changed over recent months and has taken a little nod towards the dry side, thank you Roaccutane. When my skin was much oilier, I avoided a lot of drugstore foundations like the plague as my skin just never tolerated them and by the end of a working day, I’d look as thought I had no make up on – it just melted right off my greasy skin. Nowadays I can really experiment with drugstore foundations and I have really been enjoying it, uncovering some absolute gems. Both of these foundations offer a medium yet buildable coverage that leaves my skin looking flawless and incredibly healthy looking all day.

Bourjois’ Healthy Mix foundation is one that I have wanted to try for quite some time as I have seem a large number of beauty bloggers rave about it in the past but it was never right for my skin. It really helps me to achieve a radiant and flawless complexion that is natural looking and not remotely cakey. It feels really lightweight on my skin and adds a lovely healthy glow. Bourjois claim that this foundation can last up to 16 hours and I’m not quite sold on that BUT it does last really well throughout an 8.5 hour working day in a stuffy office. This foundation boasts a fruit therapy formula containing apricot for radiance, melon for hydration and apple to protect youth – sounds like a wonderful cocktail, hey? It sounds good enough to eat but I wouldn’t recommend this obviously. The Healthy Mix foundation does have a slightly fruity scent which would normally put me off a foundation but it’s actually quite pleasant and it disappears quite quickly.

L’Oreal True Match foundation is one that I have had a love/hate relationship with in recent years. I used to really REALLY dislike this foundation where a lot of my friends, and a lot of beauty bloggers absolutely adored it. The old formula for me was a bit of a weird one, I found it difficult to blend in and that it just sat on my skin and never quite sunk in, making my skin look a bit plastic. I also found that it didn’t last well on my skin at all. Since L’Oreal rebranded the packaging and made it look much sleeker and completely reformulated the foundation, I haven’t been able to get enough. The new formula is fantastic in my opinion – it is really natural looking, true to colour and it blends really evenly in to the skin. Say goodbye to tide lines guys! The consistency of True Match is worlds apart from Bourjois’ Healthy Mix as it is quite watery but they both have a lovely way of feeling so light on the skin, like your not wearing any make up at all.

Both foundations offer a medium coverage that is easily built up but L’Oreal True Match is a little more natural looking, making it better for daytime wear but I adore both. They give your skin that ‘my natural skin but better’ kinda look, covering any imperfections with ease without making you look like you’ve troweled it on. What more could you want? I think for the price, these foundations are absolute gems – £9.99 is a steal. I do think that drugstore foundations leave a lot to be desired in the colour department and I often find that I have to mix shades to get it just right. I had to mix shades 52 and 53 in Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and N1.5 and N2 in L’Oreal True Match. Thank god for Boots 3 for 2 offers lessening the blow of having to purchase two foundations.

What are your drugstore foundations of choice?

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators in So Hollywood & Peach Nectar – £28.00 each.


Would you just look at these absolute beauties? Swoon *heart eyes emoji*. When Anastasia Beverly Hills first showcased these gorgeous highlighters on Instagram and online the whole world went in to a frenzy, itching to get their little mitts on them. They have been the ‘must have’ highlighters of late and you can really see why, can’t you? They are dreamy and so shiny. When they first hit the UK, I remember visiting and revisiting the Cult Beauty website, joining the waiting list, seeing the out of stock logo, and rejoining the waiting list again. It was painful but my persistence finally paid off a few weeks ago, when I saw that they were finally back in stock and rushed to the website to get them purchased. There are four highlighters in total; So Hollywood, Starlight, Riviera and Peach Nectar and after a lot of umm’ing and ahh’ing, I settled on So Hollywood (a true gold shade) and Peach Nectar (a golden apricot shade). In typical Erin form, I left the website wishing that I had also purchased Starlight but I will be placing that order after payday. I need to have it. I purchased So Hollywood purely because I absolutely adore a gold highlight, one of my favourite being NARS Albatross, and I find that the golden hues really suit my slightly yellow complexion. I also opted for Peach Nectar as I wear a lot of coral and orange toned blushers and I think that Peach Nectar would compliment those shades really well by adding a nice subtle glow. Anastasia Beverly Hills has taken the world by storm recently with the release of contour palettes, eyeshadow palettes, liquid lipsticks and these highlighters – she has come along way since being all about the eyebrows and I love it. Obviously Dipbrow still holds a special place in my heart but I look forward to seeing future releases as they have all been so exciting this year.

These highlighters are the perfect fix for creating luminosity and adding a healthy lit from within glow to your complexion. The powders look divine, with fabulous art deco embossing throughout – very fancy indeed. The powders are house inside a generously sized round compact with a really good sized mirror for touch ups. The powders themselves are very finely milled, packed with pigmentation and you only need a very light swipe with a fan brush to achieve your ideal look and really enhance features. The swatches above are fairly heavy for the record. I like to apply So Hollywood to my cheekbones, my eyebrow bone and down my nose where as I only apply Peach Nectar to my cheeks because of the colouring. I cannot wait to get my hands on Starlight – my biggest regret was that I didn’t get it when I purchased these two.

Did you get your hands on any of the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters?

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L’Oreal La Palette Nude Eyeshadow Palettes in Beige and Rose – £14.99 each. 

I have wanted these two eyeshadow palettes ever since they hit shelves earlier this year but never got around to actually purchasing them until just recently. I have enough eyeshadow palettes to sink a small ship but a few more wouldn’t hurt, right? I couldn’t resist popping them in to my Boots basket, especially at £14.99 each and on a 3 for 2 offer – I got a nice little freebie foundation too. It is quite difficult to find a decent eyeshadow palette on a budget that offers a fantastic range of complimentary colours and great quality… These palettes offer both. There are three palettes that you can purchase in L’Oreal’s La Palette Nude collection – Beige, Rose and Smoky – they offer a palette for every look. When I purchased these from Boot, I had recently bought Urban Decay Naked Smoky so I didn’t bother to get the La Palette Nude Smoky but I guarantee that I’ll end up going back to get it at some point in the near future. Y’know what I’m like, I just can’t help myself. Both eyeshadow palettes are perfect for creating effortless and pretty eye make up looks with ease offering a range of different finishes from matte to shimmer. You can quite easily transition your eye make up from day to night with darker shades to increase a sultry, smoky eye. Each of the palettes contain ten shades of highly pigmented, buttery soft and easy to blend eyeshadow colours that work really well with eachother. I have to admit that L’Oreal’s La Palette Nude is immense in terms of quality, especially for a drugstore purchase. It is a purse friendly palette which is ideal for those not wanting to splurge a fortune on Urban Decay Naked Palettes. The only downside to the palettes is the applicator inside – when will drugstores learn that no one likes those little foam things? Oh lord. Thankfully I have a wide range of eyeshadow brushes to deal with that matter. Phew!

La Palette Nude in Rose.


La Palette Nude in Beige.

If you are looking for an eyeshadow palette that will be kind to your bank balance but offer some wonderful shades that pack a punch in pigmentation, then look no further. These palettes are for you!

What do you think of these lovely little palettes?

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MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Whirl – £15.5o.

Another week, another lipstick… Ahh the life of a lipstick hoarder, more lipstick than sense. Now we all know this one, don’t we? Oh yes! The lip pencil turned lipstick that took the world by storm once Kylie Jenner stepped out with her plump pink-brown pout and named it as her shade of choice. Ahh, Whirl. It was released as a lipstick earlier this year along with Stone (another lip pencil turned lipstick) as part of MAC Cosmetics ‘The Matte Lip’ collection and it has been a much welcome addition to my lipstick collection. I bloody love it. Whirl is described by MAC as a ‘dirty rose’ and it is definitely a dark, slightly brown tinged rose shade and it is right up my street. I live for these kinda lip colours y’know. I did own the original lip pencil first and boy, that took me forever to track down but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the matching lipstick. It is a rich, fully opaque colour that glides effortlessly and evenly across the lips without any tug or pull. It wore really well for at least four and a half hours. Like most matte lipsticks from MAC, the formula can be slightly drying and sadly this lip shade is a little on the dry side. I would definitely recommend some lip balm and lip scrub pre-application to get the best looking lips. Whirl has quicky become my go to shade for daytime wear during this time of year – it is a truly beautiful colour that would look great against any skintone.

Did you instantly rush to buy Whirl after the Kylie Jenner frenzy too?

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