MAC Cosmetics Satin Lipstick in Spirit – £15.50.


I know what you’re probably thinking and yes, I know that I own a hell of a lot of pink/brown lipsticks but I just can’t get enough. They are life. Spirit is described by MAC Cosmetics as a ‘muted pink-beige brown’ with a Satin finish and boy, it’s a beauty. It is quite a sheer lip colour and it needs a good two or three layers before it shows as completely opaque but once it does, it’s such a stunning shade. It is one of my absolute favourite everyday lipsticks that I wear to work and it is always at the front of my lipstick stash – it’s just so damn pretty. When looking at swatches of this lipstick, before I took the plunge and purchased it myself, I noticed how differently it looks on a lot of different peoples lips. On some it appears more pinky but on mine, it definitely appears more brown, and I love it. Spirit applies smoothly and easily – it just glides effortlessly across the lips. It is a fabulous colour for most skintones, however I imagine it would make darker skintones look quite washed out (zombie-like – you know the look I mean, right?) I found that Spirit wore well and incredibly comfortably for around four hours.

Is Spirit one to add to your collection?

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MAC Cosmetics Satin Lipstick in Brave – £15.50.


I can’t believe I haven’t posted and reviewed this lipstick sooner as it is one that I reach for quite regularly, and I have done for quite some time now. Brave is described by MAC Cosmetics as a ‘pink beige with white pearl’ and it is such a gorgeous lip shade that is ideal for everyday wear. I wear it religiously over MAC Cosmetic’s Soar lip pencil, it is such a match made in heaven let me tell you. Now although MAC mention ‘white pearl’ in the lipstick description, I wouldn’t let that put you off as it isn’t remotely frosty or metallic – it just adds a bit of depth and dimension to the colour to stop it from looking flat. In my opinion Brave is a medium cool pink with the slightest tinge of brown coming through and it will look fabulous against most skin tones. I’m not overly fond of the satin formula from MAC as it can be a little drying so I’d definitely recommend some decent prep with some lip scrub and a slick of lip balm. It is super pigmented, applies completely opaque in one foul swoop with a little sheen and it is a great neutral shade for every day wear. I found that Brave wore really well for around 3-4 hours so it has some decent staying power.

Is Brave in your lipstick stash?

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NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret – £32.00.



NARS is without doubt one of my favourite, if not my favourite, beauty brands. Every item of make up that I have purchased from NARS, I have absolutely adored and use regularly. I had my eye on the Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret for a good few weeks leading up to Christmas but I’m so happy that I never took the plunge and got it myself because my sister purchased it for me for Christmas. She kept telling me that I didn’t need any more lipsticks or lip pencils and now I know why… Surprise, it was in my Christmas present pile. This made a very happy Erin. The Digital World set was a limited edition set that was exclusive to Space.NK only – it contains five NARS lip pencils – three Satin and two Velvet Matte. The pencils themselves are slightly smaller than the normal pencils at 1.7g compared to the normal 2.4g but at £32.00 for five pencils, the value for money is incredible. The lip pencils in the Digital World set are housed inside an acrylic box with pretty, white, geometric snowflake shapes all over it – very Christmassy indeed. It would make great lipstick storage. Now on to the lip pencil shades…

Torres del Paine (Satin):

Torres del Paine is a pale peach-coral shade with a slightly brown undertone. This is a gorgeous shade, really subtle and ideal for everyday wear. It is intensely creamy which means it can settle in to the fine lines in your lips so some decent lip preparation is required (scrub, etc).

Descanso (Satin):

Descanso is a peachy nude and a shade that definitely falls within the ‘my lips but better’ category. It is very similar to Torres del Paine in colour but it is a tiny bit paler and it also requires some scrub beforehand to avoid settling in to lines.

Yu (Satin):

Yu is a bright fuchsia pink with blue undertones. It applies opaque in one swipe where as the other two pencils apply more semi-opaque. Yu wears really well for a few hours before settling in to a stain.

Iberico (Velvet Matte):

Iberico is a fiery orange-red with my favourite finish, matte. It feels quite dry upon application but it isn’t remotely drying on the lips. It applies completely opaque in one quick swoop.

Cruella (Velvet Matte):

Cruella is definitely my favourite lip pencil of the bunch, I mean look at that shade? It is a deep dark vampy red with blue undertones and it is right up my street. I absolutely adore a nice berry red. Similarly to Iberico, it applies completely opaque and isn’t remotely drying on the lips.

What I love most about these pencils is how clean the application is, they make it so easy to get the perfect outline of your lips with absolutely no bleeding whatsoever. I was quite lucky with the Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret as I absolutely love each one of the pencils that I got in the set. It is always a little surprising when you like every shade that you receive in a set (eyeshadows, lipsticks, etc) and this is a rare win. Three of the shades in this set are limited edition; Torres del Paine, Descanso and Iberico. This set was amazing value for money and I am head over heels in love with it. NARS come up trumps yet again. Like I expected anything less?

Did you manage to get your hands on this set for Christmas? Do you love it as much as I do?


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MAC Satin Lipstick in Twig.
RRP: £15.50.


This weeks lipstick of choice is a relatively new addition to my collection and I am loving it. Twig is described by MAC Cosmetics as a “soft muted brownish-pink with a satin finish” and it is a gorgeous, neutral, every day kind of colour. I absolutely adore warm dusky pinks that have a lovely brown undertone – I can’t get enough. It’s wonderful shade for everyday wear in the Autumn and Winter months. This lipstick applies completely opaque in one swipe and because it is a satin finish, it is mostly matte but it adds a fabulous sheen that isn’t too over the top or glossy. It’s just right. The pigmentation and the colour pay out is fantastic like most MAC lipsticks. Satin lipsticks from MAC are definitely up there with matte as one of my favourite finishes. They can be slightly drying after a while so I’d highly recommend a primer or a slick of lip balm before applying and some decent lip prep beforehand too. I think Twig is such a beautiful shade and I can’t get enough of it right now. I am loving these kinda pink and brown shades lately like Mehr, Crème In Your Coffee, Velvet Teddy, etc. The wear time with Twig is pretty good too – it wears well for around 4-5 hours before it needs to be applied again. I have been sporting Twig on my lips every day for work and it is incredibly comfortable. I’m hooked.


Do you have Twig in your lipstick collection?

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Kelly Osbourne for MAC Cosmetics – The Lipsticks.
RRP: £16.50 each.

20140611-081232 pm-72752171.jpg

20140611-081317 pm-72797415.jpg

As I’m sure you all well know, the long awaited Osbourne mother/daughter duo finally hit MAC Cosmetics this week. I couldn’t resist those beautiful purple lipstick bullets and those gorgeous vibrant Summer shades. The Osbourne collections were pre-released on the Selfridges website on Saturday and I was straight on there making my order whilst out shopping in Liverpool. Eager beaver!

The most fabulous mother-daughter duo of Sharon and Kelly Osbourne come to M·A·C with a two-part collection of statement-making hues for eyes, lips, face and nails. Here, the inimitable Kelly Osbourne collaborates on a collection of fearlessly vibrant hues and tools for eyes, lips and face. Bloody Brilliant Quad Eye Shadow x 4 in pale lilac and blackened plum complement Lipstick in bright pink, orange and light lavender. Cool beige and soft pink Mineralize Skinfinish Duo highlights skin in a luxurious, mineral-rich formula for a polished perfect finish. Limited-edition packaging in Kelly’s iconic light violet with signature in red.

Kelly’s Lipsticks:

20140611-082129 pm-73289807.jpg
(L-R: Riot House, Dodgy Girl, Strip Poker, Kelly Yum-Yum).

20140611-082204 pm-73324634.jpg
Dodgy Girl is a light lavender with a matte finish. This lipstick is the most gorgeous colour and I am really loving the pale purple and lilac lip shades this season. This lipstick has a slightly pink tinge and it has a nice sheen to it considering it has a matte finish.

20140611-082319 pm-73399280.jpg
Riot House is a light vivid orange with a matte finish. This is a very pale peach lipstick which can be quite unforgiving on the lips so I’d recommend spending a decent amount of time prepping your lips. It clings to fine lines and applies quite unevenly which is a shame as the colour is fabulous.

20140611-082440 pm-73480376.jpg
Kelly Yum-Yum is a bright blue pink with a satin finish. Oh my days, what a beauty? Not to be confused with MAC’s Candy Yum-Yum which is a fair bit brighter but this is so bright and gorgeous. The most perfect pink for Summer with a slight sheen – it applies like a dream too.

20140611-082611 pm-73571016.jpg
Strip Poker is a light nude with a matte finish. This is a gorgeous peach-nude shade. It still shows some slight imperfections on the lips upon application so again, decent lip preparation is required but it isn’t anywhere near as unforgiving as Riot House.

I’m really impressed. This Summer is ALL about Kelly Yum-Yum and Dodgy Girl. B.E.A.UTIFUL.

What do you think of Kelly Osbourne’s Lipstick Collection for MAC Cosmetics? Do you prefer Sharon or Kelly? Did you manage to get your hands on any of the collections?


Unfortunately, these lipsticks have sold out already after being released on the MAC Cosmetic’s website this morning. If you managed to get anything… YAY! If not… Sorry!

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