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It’s back… The deal that all beauty bloggers nationwide love and swoon over, it is the up to 1/3 of all French Pharmacy Brands offer at Escentual. I remember getting the email in my inbox at the end of May and letting out a little squeal of excitement. What better time to stock up on some of my favourite beauty products? I do love my French skincare. This deal is on throughout the whole of June so get filling those online baskets ladies. Here are some of the products that I can’t live without and that are forever re-purchased.

La Roche-Posay:

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Effaclar Duo [+]* – £10.33 (RRP – £15.50).
Effaclar K – £9.66 (RRP – £14.50).
Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector – £7.00 (RRP – £10.50).
Effaclar Mat* – £9.66 (RRP – £14.50).
Cicaplast Baume B5 40ml – £4.33 (RRP – £6.50).

I have combination/oily skin that is prone to breakouts and La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar range has been a massive game changer since joining my skincare regime by helping me achieve a clearer and more even looking complexion. Cicaplast Baume B5 is a must have as it helps sooth and repair damaged skin, particularly great for that horrible dry skin stage after a nasty breakout.


20140605-043728 pm-59848943.jpg
Dermablend Setting Powder* – £11.33 (RRP – £17.00).
Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser + Scrub + Mask* – £8.00 (RRP – £12.00).

Vichy’s Dermablend Powder is THE setting powder to use if you have a greaseball for a face like I do. It is the perfect finish to your make up and it keeps your face intact like no other setting powder could for the majority of the day. An essential in my make up arsenal. Normaderm 3 in 1 is a fabulously versatile product that I personally like to use as a scrub twice a week to help clear up any pesky spots and remove any dead skin cells leaving my skin super smooth, clear and soft.


20140605-044141 pm-60101760.jpg
Sensibo Micelle Solution 250ml – £6.66 (RRP – £9.99).
Sebium Micelle Solution 250ml – £6.66 (RRP – £9.99).

Do I really need to say anything about Bioderma? We all know that is a beauty must have loved worldwide by bloggers, make up artists and celebrities alike. It removes every last trace of make up with ease and comes available in three different formulas for different skin types. I personally love Sensibo for sensitive skin and Sebium for oily skin.


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Rêve de Miel Lip Balm – £6.33 (RRP – £9.50).
Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil 50ml – £11.33 (RRP – £17.00).

I love NUXE as they offer two of my all time favourite products; Rêve de Miel (the holy grail of all lip balms as nothing leaves my lips quite as soothed or as supple as this little pot of magic) and Huile Prodigieuse (my go to product for the Spring/Summer months as it hydrates and nourishes my skin and it smells heavenly).


20140605-044856 pm-60536220.jpg
Beauty Elixir 30ml – £9.20 (RRP – £11.80).

Another essential Spring/Summer staple for me is this gorgeous little glass bottle from Caudalie which I love to take on holiday (hence the 30ml bottle for the airport). It smells amazing and I like to spray this on to my face throughout the day for a more glowing complexion. Most of the time, when I’m not enjoying any form of nice weather or on holiday, I prefer to spray this on to my face before moisturising in the morning to lock in all of its goodness. Then it’s time to put my game face on.


20140605-045211 pm-60731157.jpg
Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water – £4.87 (RRP – £6.50).
Soothing Hydrating Serum* – £12.75 (RRP – £17.00).

If you have sensitive skin then Avène is definitely a brand for you. I suffer with quite red skin on my cheeks and I love nothing more than spraying a good douse of Thermal Spring Water on to my skin in the mornings to help reduce irritation. It is also really good for oil control too. Although my skin is oily, it is also pretty dehydrated so I like to use the Soothing Hydrating Serum after my normal cleanse and tone routine but before I moisturise to help restore some hydration to my skin.


You can also get up to 1/3 off Eucerin, Klorane, Rene Furterer, A-Derma, Evian, Biafine, etc.

So there we have it guys… These are my must have products from Escentual. What are yours? Have you taken advantage of this offer yet?

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*This post contains PR samples.

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Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser + Scrub + Mask* – £11.00.

20140515-082745 pm.jpg

What an amazingly versatile product from Vichy? It’s not only a cleanser but a scrub AND a mask. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? The main aim of this truly fabulous little product is to eliminate excess sebum, clear skin impurities and reduce the appearance of any imperfections. Sounds like a skin saviour to me. I have, in true blogger form, tried this product every which way I could to find my favourite way of using it and the winner was… *drum roll please*… to use this as a facial scrub and exfoliator. I like to use this twice a week, usually on a Wednesday for a mid-week pamper and on a Sunday before I start yet another working week and the results have been great. Personally, I wouldn’t use it daily as a cleanser as I feel that it is a little too abrasive for that as it contains tiny exfoliating beads and I prefer to use a cream cleanser. It does work pretty darn well as a face mask though I must admit, leaving it on for a good five minutes before removing with a warm muslin cloth but I own so many face masks that it kind of gets forgotten about. Exfoliation is where Vichy’s Normaderm 3 in 1 really shines in my opinion as it is super gentle on my sensitive skin whilst helping combat all of the problems I face with my troublesom skin. Twice a week, I squeeze a fair amount of this thick, grainy, grey-green cream on to my hands and spend a good two minutes really working it over my skin to remove any dead skin whilst it clears my complexion and tightens my large open pores. It is incredibly mattifying which I absolutely love without feeling or being remotely drying – it works wonders for my extremely oily skin and has helped massively with my overall appearance. It is unbelievably effective for those of us that sadly suffer with oily and blemish prone skin. It leaves your skin feeling soothed and clean whilst looking clearer and well, much less oily (and less oily for longer at that). Vichy’s Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser + Scrub + Mask contains ultra soothing agents and deeply clarifying clay. What more could I possibly want? I’m sold. Another great addition to my growing skincare routine. Winner!


Have you tried any of the Vichy Normaderm range? How would/do you best use this product?

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*PR sample sent for consideration to be reviewed.

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Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder* – £17.00.

20140304-090553 pm.jpg

I had been lusting after the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder for weeks after seeing a rave review online and the lovely Sarah at Vichy popped it in the post as a lovely little surprise. I’ve never been so happy to see the postman than when he arrived carrying this beauty. I have oily skin so setting powders are an absolute must in my day to day make up routine. Anything that helps keep the shine at bay is good in my book. Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder is a nice soft, finely milled and long wearing translucent powder. You simply pat the powder generously over your skin with the puff provided or a fanned make up brush and then brush off the excess and blend over the skin. The packaging is very typical of loose powder – a circular container with holes in the top so that the powder can get out. I find shaking the container and pouring a small amount of powder in to the lid works best.

20140304-091342 pm.jpg

What I liked about this powder the most was how soft, smooth and flawless my skin looked and felt after I’d applied it. The powder didn’t look remotely chalky on my skin, it seemed to blur my large open pores and it didn’t leave any white cast (even on a photograph with flash – the ultimate powder test). It felt weightless on my skin, leaving a really nice matte finish without settling in to any fine lines or creases in my skin and it didn’t cling to any of the drier areas. I’ve been slightly under the weather recently so I’ve been getting some dry patches around my nose and chin but that didn’t affect the amazingness of this powder at all. It still worked it’s magic. I’ve used a lot of setting powders in my time and I didn’t think I’d find better than NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder which is what I was using prior to Vichy but boy, was I wrong? Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder works like a dream. It kept my skin oil free for a good five-six hours before I needed to blot down which I think is a record for me. Amazing or what? It’s not a product I could carry around for touch ups (although I wish it was) as it’s not the most practical of products for portability so I always carry a compact for blotting. Plus, I always make the biggest mess with loose powders so it’s safer at home out of harms way. I have nightmares of white powder all over my lovely Longchamp bag. Sorry, I digress… All that’s left for me to say really is that this stuff really works. It’s proven to be super effective and it’s a product that I can no longer live without. It retails at £17.00 but for the amount of product that you get, it’s worth every penny. It’d take you long time to use all that powder.

Buy Vichy via Escentual.
Escentual currently have 1/3 (33%) off French pharmacy brands so you can bag this baby for only £11.33. Bargain!

Have you tried Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder?

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*PR sample sent for consideration to be reviewed.

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This months theme was a Glossy Wishlist. It was a bit of an odd theme but this is what was inside…

20131117-091008 pm.jpg
Vichy – Idealia Life Serum.
RRP: £29.50 for 30ml.

I was super impressed to find Vichy products in this months Glossybox – I am a massive fan of Vichy. I was so excited to try this as I am big on skin care and I am big on skin serums and skin oils at the moment. Oh and did I mention that I love Vichy?! Yeah so, anyway… Idealia Life Serum claims to transform your skins quality by evening out skin tone, minimising pores and it also protects your skin from any environmental damage. An all round skin saviour. I’ve been applying this every day, twice a day, for just over a week after cleansing. You can use moisturiser over it if you wish but I choose not too (oily skin problems). My skin does look visibly healthier, clearer and brighter even after such a small length of time. The sample size for this month is quite generous so I can see this lasting quite a while. Its non-greasy, absorbent and lightweight. I am really quite impressed by Vichy’s Idealia Life Serum and I will definitely be purchasing this in future. It didn’t cause any breakouts which is what I’m always quite wary of having sensitive skin. I did have my eye on the YSL Forever Light Creator Serum but I’m happily settled on this for the time being.

Buy Vichy via Boots

20131117-092250 pm.jpg
Emite Make Up – Micronized Eyeshadow – Damson Black.
RRP: £16.80.

Emite is a brand that I am fairly familiar with having received an eyelash curler in a previous Glossybox a few months earlier. The first thing that sprung to my mind when I saw this was the price… £16.80 for what is quite literally a black eyeshadow and not a particularly big one at that. The packaging is quite small, basic and pretty boring. I also remember the eyelash curler being quite expensive as well. All that aside, the eyeshadow itself is oil, nickel, paraben and perfume free – it is ideal for sensitive skin particularly around the eyes. I would’ve preferred a different coloured shadow as I own a lot of black eyeshadows already as they are my go to for a night out to create a statement smokey eye. The shade of a shadow I received is highly pigmented and easily blended – it will definitely come in handy somewhere down the line. They do have a wide variety of beautiful colours on the website.

Buy Emite Make Up

20131117-093424 pm.jpg
Yves Rocher France – Hand Cream.
RRP: £1.95 for 75ml.

If you didn’t know already, I have a bit of a thing for hand cream. I absolutely love the stuff. I always have hand cream at my desk in work, I use it a hell of a lot. I was so happy to have this hand cream in my box and I was super impressed with the size of the product – I do enjoy receiving a full size product. Especially when it’s as good as this one. This hand cream is chocolate and orange and it smells good enough to eat. It smells like Terry’s Chocolate Orange… Yum! The smell lingers for such a long time too, the dog was following me round all day when I first tried it. Bless her! It does an amazing job of moisturising and nourishing my dry hands throughout the day. It’s super absorbent and lightweight. I think this has replaced my current holy grail of hand creams which is Soap & Glory’s Hand Food. What makes this product even better is the price… £1.95. Can you believe that? It is such a bargain – it’s amazing! You can also get chocolate and raspberry and chocolate and pistachio. I’ve already been on to the website and stocked up on all three. At such a low cost, it’d be rude not too, right?!

Buy Yves Rocher Products

20131117-094327 pm.jpg
Elegant Touch – Rapid Dry for Nails.
RRP: £3.05 for 125ml.

I’ve not painted my own nails for as long as I can remember but when I did, this was a staple in my manicure and pedicure kit. It’s a god send when you’re in a rush. Instead of waiting forever for your nails to dry so that you don’t make a mess or smudge your artwork, you simply hold this canister around 10/20cm away and spray over your finger and toenails. As well as doing the obvious, drying your nails, Elegant Touch contains vitamin E to condition your cuticles and nails. It’s certainly handy for me to have in whenever I do revert back to painting my own nails. I am currently a shellac addict and regularly pay visits to my local salon for a mani/pedi.

Buy Elegant Touch via Boots

20131117-095021 pm.jpg
Agese Oils – Face Glow.
RRP: £29.00 for 15ml.

Another face oil/serum for me to try… Happy Erin. I can’t get enough of these products lately. I saw a lot of other Glossybox reviews where people got a nail varnish or Scholl products. I definitely didn’t draw the short straw and definitely got a better product. Even happier Erin. Agese Oil contains a mixture of awesome natural ingredients; lotus leaf which helps increase melanin production, peppermint oil which helps cell rejuvenation, bamboo storage which helps maintain the effectiveness of the oil for up to 12 months, jojoba oil, apricot oil which contains lipids to help dry skin, vitamin B, C and E. It is also high in protein and iron which generally improves the texture and feel of the skin. As you can see, a lot of goodness in this product. Impressive, right? I was so intrigued and couldn’t wait to get this on the skin. It needs to be applied twice daily after cleansing (again similarly to Vichy). You only need a tiny drop as a little goes a very long way. I used Vichy for one week and then swapped to Agese the following week so that I could get proper comparable results. Face Glow does what it says on the tin. It smells amazing, it increased my skins luminosity and my skin felt and looked rejuvenated. This months box contained some really good products and I am loving my oils. This is a high end product but a beautiful one and well worth the money. Agese do hair oils as well which I really want to try.

Buy Agese Oils

What did you get in your November Glossybox? Where you lucky enough to get the Agese Oil? What was your favourite product? What was your least favourite product? What did you think of the theme?

Love Erin. ELH. X

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